Hey all,

We're hoping to get some information from anyone who experienced this issue so our teams can take a closer look. Please answer the following questions if you can help provide additional information.

    1. What mobile device are you using? (ie. Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy 8, iPhone 7 , etc.)
    2. What OS version are you on? (ie. Android 8.0 Oreo, iOS 11, etc.)
    3. Were you closing and reopening the app? If so, how often?

Hey there, this has been covered a lot in the past. If you haven’t seen this post from designer Scott Mercer it’s worth a read.

We do want to continue improving the competitive system. Overall though, this is a skill based ranking system not a progression system. Chances are after 6 games you’re about the same skill level as when you started.


While we like to acknowledge posts when we can, we see pretty much everything that hits the front page (and a lot of us read new as well).

Just because we don’t post doesn’t mean we didn’t read and track the feedback.


Sorry but I've been out on paternity leave and just got back today.

Thank you! All of these lists are much appreciated, no matter how "accurate" they may be. Keep reporting, keep sharing, and be kind to each other.

Original Poster --

We looked into your account and are unable to find any suspensions against that account.

Are you posting from that account or can you please provide the BattleTag(####) that you are referencing so we can look into it?
BillWarnecke submitted PS4 CTF Bug?

Hey there we're looking into this bug, sorry for the hassle.

These are a permanent addition to the game. Cheers.

There is a bug where the panel is occasionally empty. We’re working on a fix for that. Apologies.

Apologies for this issue we’re looking into it.

Hey there VioletUser, this year we're doing Year of the Dog for the Lunar New Year event. Jeff talked about this a bit in a recent developer update.


edit: Wow everyone here is a lot faster than I am. GG. :)

Hey there, we were having some issues hitting the PlayStation Network services. Things appear normal now, give it a shot again. Apologies.

Hey there, we'll take a look at this match. Thank you for posting, sorry if it turned out to be a bad game.

As a native Minnesotan I hope you manage to find something. Post here if you do, I’ll drop in next time I visit. I love the idea of watch parties!


Thanks for sharing, this is great. Cheers!

The players are wearing high quality noise cancelling headphones.


That's interesting. Sorry to hear you're still having trouble. Is the Discord App still installed on your machine? If so, can you try uninstalling that and see if the issue disappears? It's possible a module related to that overlay is still loaded while you're playing.

Thanks for posting those updates. Going forward, posting again is perfect, it makes sure we see the posts.
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