Our Blizzard Precog team actually predicted this request on this date so we made sure to have it ready.

Thanks for sharing this feedback. I’ll be sure to pass it along to the casters!

Jeff Kaplan commented on Xbox Twitch/E
We hope to improve the experience. There are rules in place for 3rd party developers (what we are on Xbox) about launching other 3rd party applications.

For the most part, these rules are there to protect you, the player. But yeah, it could be better.
Jeff Kaplan commented on Welp RIP console
01/18/2018 05:21 PMPosted by TinyTauren considering that the number of Mouse and keyboard users is increasing, this game will just become the equivalent to moded lobbies in the old cod games. Seriously 1-2 in every match and you can report them but since the system is automated nothing will happen unless 99% of the earth's population reports them

Currently, we cannot do anything about players using input conversion devices to use Mouse and Keyboard on console.

However, we have put serious research and development against this problem and we're hoping to have a solution to what we consider to be unfair circumstances. This is a priority for us and we're trying to combat this through technology and policy.

We'll keep you informed on our progress and any policy changes as soon as they develop.

For now, please avoid reporting this behavior.
For now we like the airport the way it is, showing more of the story of Doomfist and Orisa's origins, rather than the pristine airport (pretty as it was!) when the map first launched.

Thank you for reporting these players. If players are throwing games, regardless if it's a "main" account or not, please report them. It helps, we promise.

Thanks for all the positive feedback on this, we're happy it's working out well! Cheers.

Geoff Goodman submitted Movement Update
Hi everyone,

We wanted to take some time to explain the recent movement changes in depth (with examples). Hopefully this will help everyone better understand what changed, and what did not.

Incline Changes:

There were two persistent issues with movement on inclines that we wanted to clean up.

First, while moving diagonally on inclines you would end up being slightly strafed left or right even if you were only attempting to move forward. This can be a subtle source of aiming issues for many people, and now the player will properly move forward in this situation.

Second, movement up and down inclines had inconsistent speed as compared to the ground. Running both up and down an incline would be faster than walking on flat ground. However faster movement (e.g. McCree’s Combat Roll) would be slower when going up and down inclines. Having consistent character movement speed is important for many reasons, the biggest of which is it allows you to be able to reliably know how to aim your hitscan shots or lead your projectile fire.

Acceleration changes:

The characters in Overwatch have a fixed acceleration (how fast they can change their movement velocity) depending on if they are in the air or on the ground. Previously, this amount would get reduced if you were attempting to change your direction by 90 degrees or less, and was more pronounced if you were going faster than normal (e.g. Winston’s Jump Pack or Doomfist’s Rocket Punch). One of the consequences of this was that if you were in the air travelling forward and wanted to move directly right, you could reach full speed to the right faster if you accelerated backwards to a full stop and then moved to the right, as opposed to simply pressing to the right. Having to do a non-intuitive movement to reach your desired direction as fast as possible is less than ideal, so we made a change to allow you to more consistently use the air acceleration you already had to reach the direction you'd like to be moving in.

The new acceleration can feel like momentum is no longer conserved like before, but the forward velocity is just more efficiently being converted into sideways velocity. The direction is changing faster but your overall speed isn’t being slowed down.


If you're flying as Pharah, you can now just press forward and you will properly accelerate moving forward, instead of having to counter accelerate to stop sideways drift.

If you’re leaping as Winston, you can more effectively redirect your velocity around corners. Prior to this rework it was possible to achieve similar mid-air turns by always facing your current velocity while strafing, but this was also unintuitive.

You can now press forward and right directional inputs after a Winston leap and you will actually move some to the right, whereas previously you would have to only hold right if you wanted to get any acceleration to the right.

It does mean getting used to the new strafing power. No longer do you have to hold strafe for a long time to get a small adjustment to your movement, you can simply short hold or tap it as needed, and pressing forward with a left or right command will do smaller adjustments than if pressing left or right alone.

This does not substantially affect movement when trying to change movement direction by >90 degrees.

Additionally, left and right strafing on the ground and air will be the same along with attempting to accelerate against a knockback will be the same.

We’re keeping an eye on these changes to make sure everything is working correctly. Any feedback would be appreciated, and would be especially helpful with any screenshots or videos.

You all have created something that is truly unique and special that still has us over here at Blizzard pinching ourselves. Some days we can't see the forest through the trees but I hope you all take some time to step back and see what a truly remarkable community you are a part of building.

Thank you for sharing, /u/spicuz. Cheers!

Hey all,

We're hoping to get some information from anyone who experienced this issue so our teams can take a closer look. Please answer the following questions if you can help provide additional information.

    1. What mobile device are you using? (ie. Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy 8, iPhone 7 , etc.)
    2. What OS version are you on? (ie. Android 8.0 Oreo, iOS 11, etc.)
    3. Were you closing and reopening the app? If so, how often?

Hey there, this has been covered a lot in the past. If you haven’t seen this post from designer Scott Mercer it’s worth a read.

We do want to continue improving the competitive system. Overall though, this is a skill based ranking system not a progression system. Chances are after 6 games you’re about the same skill level as when you started.


While we like to acknowledge posts when we can, we see pretty much everything that hits the front page (and a lot of us read new as well).

Just because we don’t post doesn’t mean we didn’t read and track the feedback.


Sorry but I've been out on paternity leave and just got back today.

Thank you! All of these lists are much appreciated, no matter how "accurate" they may be. Keep reporting, keep sharing, and be kind to each other.

Original Poster --

We looked into your account and are unable to find any suspensions against that account.

Are you posting from that account or can you please provide the BattleTag(####) that you are referencing so we can look into it?
BillWarnecke submitted PS4 CTF Bug?

Hey there we're looking into this bug, sorry for the hassle.

These are a permanent addition to the game. Cheers.

There is a bug where the panel is occasionally empty. We’re working on a fix for that. Apologies.

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