Tekhartha is a title/honorific.

Can we sometime get his actual album released? I know it may take some time, but it would definitely be worth it.

The Overwatch: Collector’s Edition Soundtrack can be found here. In addtion to the “Rejuvenescência” track I shared above, you can find “We Move Together As Onehere.

I hope that helps! :musical_note::v:

Everything is awesome!

Aw yeah! Surfing these forums with this tune is a daily delight. #LOOPIT

That made my year.

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Was just seeing a similar issue. Will have somebody take a look thanks.

Hi all,

Please note that the Arcade Cards switch at 5pm PT (12:00am UTC). Below you’ll find the Weekly Brawl Rotation.


https://i.imgur.com/kYMm7zs.gif(image larger than 3072KB)

Good luck and have fun! :+1:

With today’s (May 22) patch, we made Rialto available in competitive play instead of waiting until the next competitive season on July 1. In the future, our plan is to make new heroes and maps available in competitive play two weeks after their initial release.
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This PCGamesN interview with Jeff can provide insight on that subject. We love your enthusiasm and thank you for playing. Enjoy the event!
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The only thing that would make this game better is if you could punch the other team to knock them down.

That would be unsportsmanlike conduct! :open_mouth:

Patch 1.23 RIALTO
  • You can see the yellow, spawn area doors during highlight intros.
  • Players can place sprays on the water in one of the spawn rooms.
  • There are no SFX or VFX when you melee the payload.


  • She can proc her healing passive off the Gondola Omnics.


  • The rear hatch on her MEKA is floating during her ‘Peace’ victory pose.


  • Lunge is not affected by General heroes “ability cooldown time” in Custom Games.
  • Storm Arrow’s crosshair uses full bloom and does not shrink.
  • There are no hero info videos for Storm Arrows and Lunge.


  • Emoting with her gun equipped causes her to animate as if she’s holding her staff before correcting herself to her gun pose.


  • There is no sound for the ‘Batter Up’ emote if his hammer is equipped.


  • Players can wedge themselves on a rooftop overlooking a spawn room.

Route 66

  • Projectiles are behaving oddly when attaching to the truck near the end of the map.


  • The “Joining Game” notification can linger for a few seconds when you return to the main menu from any game mode.


  • The camera will flash to an unintended part of the map when going from hero select to set up in custom game with bots.

Hero Gallery

  • Heroes in Hero Gallery exhibit wobbly legs during certain animations.


  • If you have the ESC menu up as the victory lineup transitions into POTG, the hero model will not appear in the POTG highlight intro.
Older Known Issues HEROES


  • Heroes hit by Sleep Dart may have animation issues when hit by other abilities


  • There are inconsistent results when using Shield Bash against a Charging Reinhardt
  • Allies can fail to receive healing based on line of sight in some situations


  • Using Rocket Punch in the air with high latency can cause the camera to jerk backwards
  • Rocket Punch’s speed and distance are not affected by hero abilities that boost your movement speed
  • If enemies are Rocket Punched into a friendly Mei Cryo-Freeze they will not take the wall impact damage
  • Rocket Punch does not knock back D.va’s mech as it is self-destructing
  • Using Rising Uppercut while the enemy is near collision can cause Doomfist to be knocked back
  • Using Rising Uppercut directly after a Seismic Slam can cause Doomfist and the enemy to be knocked away from each other
  • Meteor Strike does not go under barriers that have a gap available
  • Rocket Punching an enemy into a slanted while might cause the slam damage not to be applied


  • D.Va’s mech does not animate when re-entering it
  • Using melee right as you begin Boosting will not cancel the boost
  • D.Va has clipping issues when entering MEKA after call down.


  • Sonic Arrow model disappears when it destroys some breakables.


  • Rip-Tire’s camera can be moved while frozen, and it can be detonated while frozen.
  • Concussion mine will disappear if thrown into an ice-blocked Mei


  • The handle on top of Snowball’s head doesn’t react to physics properly in the Hero Gallery.


  • Swapping weapons during a quick melee can cause your weapon to disappear


  • Switching quickly between healing and damaging beams can cause the animation to play from teh wrong hand
  • The healing spray can reach and heal teammates on the other side of an enemy barrier
  • Attacking barriers with Biotic Grasp will not damage them
  • Moira’s attacking Biotic Grasp beam can visually dissappear while attached to enemy barriers
  • The attacking Biotic Grasp beam will attach to the base of Mei’s Cryo-Freeze iceblock instead of the center
  • Attacking Mei’s Icewall with Biotic Grasp does no damage to it unless there is an enemy standing directly behind it
  • Biotic Grasp can still briefly do damage after Moira is killed
  • Moira’s Biotic Orb will kill itself if it bounces too much in quick, rapid succession
  • Biotic Orb does not correctly bounce off of moving platforms
  • Biotic Orb passes directly through breakable objects
  • Mei’s Ice wall will consume Biotic Orb instead of letting it bounce off
  • Biotic Orb will travel directly through Mei’s Cryo-Freeze instead of bouncing off
  • Healing self-damage back to teammates does not deplete Biotic Orb’s total healing resource pool
  • Biotic Orb will continue attempting to heal D.Va’s mech when it reaches zero health and is animating being destroyed
  • Healing tendrils will attach directly to invisible heroes like stealthed Sombra and a recalling Tracer
  • Moira can take damage as she enters fade, causing her to die and appear invisible in the killcam
  • Players do not get achievement credit for shutting down Moira’s Coalescence ultimate ability


  • Reinhardt does not receive credit for environmental kills when knocking players off the map


  • When using Symmetra in Elimination game modes you are able to use your ultimate to place a teleporter


  • Torb’s turret cannot be upgraded to level 2 if Tracer places a pulse bomb on it just before it upgrades


  • When reloading Widow’s Kiss the ammo clip will drop out of the bottom of the gun instead of popping out of the side
  • Venom Mines are not being destroyed when falling into the death plane.


  • Kill credit is not received when using Graviton Surge to pull players off a ledge to their death

All Assault Maps, Junkertown, Route 66, & Watchpoint: Gibraltar

  • After attackers take an objective, their first spawn room will still be active to heal and swap heroes

Ecopoint: Antarctica

  • Heroes can be obscured by props during Victory pose lineup.


  • Candelabras lose texture and lighting when hit.

Black Forest

  • Heroes can be obscured by props during Victory pose lineup.

Blizzard World

  • The vines around Tristram Cathedral are missing proper collision
  • Soldier: 76’s Helix Rocket and Zarya’s Primary Fire do not damage or pop balloons in the park


  • The first Attacker spawn room does not deactivate the healing field or safe zone after Point A is captured.


  • On Hollywood Torbjorn can get stuck in the second defenders spawn room if he junps between the wooden planks leaning against the wall


  • Near the objective point on Ruins, there is a very small hole which some hero projectiles can pass through
  • Heroes can be obscured by props during Victory pose lineup.


  • Reinhardt’s Earthshatter does not effect targets standing on the moving turbine blade near the final point

Lijiang Tower

  • Heroes can be obscured by props during Victory pose lineup.


  • Several health packs on the map are slightly out of place
  • Heroes can be obscured by props during Victory pose lineup.


  • There is a visible occluder in the City Center map.


  • If a player is invited to a game that has all player and spectating slots full, they do not receive an error that they cannot join the game
  • The green arrows indicating you performed above you career average do not display correctly when performing better or worse than your average
  • Players outside the bounds of a point being contested don’t hear the contested beeping SFX.
  • Spectators hear the incorrect SFX when spectating a point capture.

Custom Game Browser

  • he Game Browser does not provide any indication that AI Bots will not function in Elimination and CTF game modes
  • Disabling Primary fire for D.Va turns off the mechs Fusion Cannons, and her Pistol
  • The ammo counter displayed on some hero weapons may not function correctly if the Ammunition Clip Size Scalar is modified
  • Ultimates will re-enable weapons that have their primary fire disabled for the duration of the Ultimate


  • If Symmetra is killed just as she places her Shield Generator, a Teleporter may be placed instead


  • If the party leader of a group goes to join a custom game as a spectator, other players in the group get placed in queue for player slots instead


  • When viewing recorded highlights using the in game video player, footage has current video settings applied over video settings at time of recording (causing footage to appear twice as dark or bright


  • If you successfully rejoin a Competitive match and finish it, you will not be able to press the “stay as a team” button during end of round flow

Uprising (All Heroes)

  • The knock back from Brigitte’s Whip Shot doesn’t affect OR-14 as much as it should.

Disclaimer: This is not a complete list of all currently tracked issues affecting this build of Overwatch, rather this is a targeted list of some known specific issues with this release.

Patch 1.24 Petra Deathmatch
  • D.Va’s Self Destruct can destroy the breakable floor through walls.
  • Doomfist’s Seismic Slam and Mei’s Ice Wall ability UI has display issues when targeting the breakable floor.


  • Shooting an ally that’s at full health counts as a miss.


  • Using Meteor Strike on moving platforms causes camera issues.


  • Some of his bombs spin in his vest holster when viewing certain skins.


  • Sometimes Coalescence’s beam is invisible in highlights/POTG if the clip captures it after the ultimate has started.


  • Her arm clips into her leg during her ‘Puppy’ emote.


  • Teleporter can fall through the floor when placed on the edge of certain platforms.


  • Pulse Bomb can become stuck on the wrong side of a Reinhardt or Brigitte barrier if the Reinhardt or Brigitte is moving backwards and forwards when it’s thrown.


  • His arms clip into his legs during his ‘Heroic’ highlight intro.


  • Shorter heroes can interact with the mannequins in the Caresini shop.

Watchpoint Gibraltar

  • First attacker’s spawn room extends past the yellow heal zone boundaries.


  • The visual effects from switching between loot boxes lingers on screen.
  • Camera movement is jumpy when switching between loot boxes.
  • Certain Ultra graphics video settings causes stuttering.


  • In Skirmish mode, bots will try to path through doors that close after the payload has passed through them.
  • On Numbani, some bots will become stuck on upper floor catwalks while trying to get to the payload.

Sound & VO

  • Dolby Atmos can sometimes cut off sounds coming from below the player.
  • Explosions sometimes play in the rear speakers for surround sound systems.

Hey there,

Jeff actually explains how the new Anniversary Loot Boxes work in our most recent Developer Update. :arrow_heading_down:

Each Anniversary Loot Box will have a guaranteed Anniversary item, but there will also be the opportunity to get any item from any of our past Seasonal Events.

Thank you.

Celebrate Overwatch’s two-year anniversary with a new FFA (free-for-all) Deathmatch map—Petra—and more than 190 Anniversary items (60+ new for 2018), including eight legendary skins: Stealth Bastion, Shieldmaiden Brigitte, Formal Doomfist, Buccaneer Junkrat, Sherlock McCree, Forest Spirit Orisa, Magician Symmetra, and Cybjörn Torbjörn. Did you miss an item from a previous event? Throughout Overwatch Anniversary, you’ll be able to unlock items from past seasonal events with credits (and opening Anniversary Loot Boxes)!

As a bonus this year, each Anniversary Loot Box can contain items from past seasonal events! You’ll also get one Legendary Anniversary Loot Box, with at least one guaranteed legendary item, just for logging in to the game during the event.

Many of our past seasonal brawls will be available to play in the Arcade, and the brawl of the day will rotate throughout the event.

Petra and Château Guillard will also be available in an optional Competitive FFA Deathmatch mode with placement matches, skill rating, leaderboards, and the opportunity to earn competitive points.

Thank you all so much for spending the last two years playing Overwatch with us, and we look forward to celebrating with you in-game!

Begin your watch: http://buyoverwatch.com
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Good day everyone,

On Tuesday, May 22nd, our forums will be undergoing maintenance at 5:00 AM (PDT). We expect this maintenance to last no longer than an hour.

During this time, players won’t be able to post on the forums, as they will be in read-only mode.

Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.

Thank you!

jeffreybrill submitted 1.24 PTR Concluded

Thanks for helping us test the game! We are now concluding the 1.24 Public Test.

The Public Test Realm will not be accessible until we update with new content in the future. We will leave the PTR Forums active so you can continue to provide any additional feedback and bug reports.

Thank you for participating!

Hey GummyGabe,
One of our forum MVPs posted these steps a while ago about this issue. Let me know if this helps or not.

  1. Make sure Overwatch is closed.
  2. Open your Settings_v0.ini file, located in Documents\Overwatch\Settings (Note, you may need to right click and select “Open in… > Notepad” to properly edit this file.)
  3. Find the [MovieExport.1] section. (Note, if this section does not exist, you may type it in manually.)
  4. Add a line for VideoPath = “” and provide a path. For example: VideoPath = “C:\Users\yourusername\Desktop”
  5. Save and close the file.
Getting these little details correct is important to us, so I did a quick check with our localization team, using the term “Calle” is a Venice-specific thing and appropriate for a small street.