Thanks, I passed this along to QA, apologies for the bug.


Yes there are no big gates or door that open after a checkpoint has been reached. Wanted to see if we could do without them. So it is more of a straight open run when you come out of the opera house.
It about 1 second faster from the player spawn point to the the actual point than it is on Dorado, and about 1 second slower than Gibraltar. Run back times may vary a bit, but we do try and keep them as close as we can on each map.

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  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the client to crash
Nope missed that one sorry.
An updated version of the map with some additional healthpacks should be in soon. Thanks.
Hey MrFruits, That’s your netgraph! You can toggle it on and off with Shift+Ctrl+N.
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BillWarnecke commented on I hit Masters today AMA
Very well done, congrats!
BillWarnecke commented on Endless Hero Change Spam
Hey there, apologies for the bug. We’re actively investigating this issue. If you’ve encountered this bug please feel free to give any information you think is relevant in this thread, we appreciate it.
Hey all! Sorry that you’re running into this issue. Any chance you guys are using 5.1 surround sound? Also, are you getting the issue during the intro cinematic or in-game play?

We reviewed your chat logs, and they contain many clear examples of abusive language. Based on this alone, we believe that your suspension is justified. This penalty has nothing to do with playing off-meta heroes. If you feel the need to appeal your suspension, please feel free to do so here. Otherwise, for the time-being I am locking this thread.


Players that just start in Overwatch aren’t n00bs, they’re just new.

We all had to start somewhere. For many, Soldier: 76 was very accessible to new players coming from FPS titles. As we all know, Soldier: 76 is a key contributor in many scenarios, even if he’s less difficult-to-master than other heroes.

I’d encourage you to practice in QP, Custom Game, or even in the Arcade (i.e. Mystery Heroes) if you want to challenge yourself with more difficult-to-master heroes. There’s plenty of players trying to hone their skills and improve their play; that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’re not alone. So, feel free to experiment and play the heroes that intrigue you. And above all else, have fun.

The Overwatch team wants you to have an enjoyable experience when playing the game. :+1:

Will be fixed, thanks.
DavidAdams commented on Rialto Map Bugs
Taking care of these, thanks.
Greetings! Sorry you’re running into this issue. Are you using 5.1 surround sound?
Ok thanks for the screenshot. We will fix it.
DavidAdams commented on Rialto Bug(s) on PTR
I can’t find what you are talking bout. Can you add a screenshot of the location? Never mind, found it. thanks.
Despite being able to stand behind the blocker that wont allow attackers in, you still take damage. Not sure that standing there provides much of an advantage but we can see what others think.