Hey there please reach out to our customer service folks they can try to help out. Cheers.

Hey there we’re sorry for this bug. We have a fix in console certification now and hope to get that build to you very soon. Apologies.

Hey there, as others noted you’ll get a code in the box which will add a license for Overwatch to your battle net account. No need for a DVD drive! Cheers

Hey there we’re not aware of any Xbox One performance problems right now. If you continue to experience issues please post as much detailed information as possible. Cheers.

Hey there we’re sorry about this bug. We have a new build that’s in console certification now that fixes this, we hope to get it to you very soon. Cheers.

Hey, idontsmurf!

Can you please collect a DXDIAG and post it here using the Code Blocks button in the posting options. Just make sure the full DXDIAG contents are between the code tags.
Also, you're guaranteed to get at least 1 event item per event loot box. Of course you can get more if you're lucky.
10/13/2017 08:42 AMPosted by Kyaw
10/13/2017 08:35 AMPosted by Jeff Kaplan During events, you have a higher percentage chance of getting legendary skins because you're pulling from the event drop table in addition to the normal drop table.
Does this applies to Epics like Emotes and Highlight Intros too? If so that changes a lot!

Yes. All event content is on a different drop table (sprays, voice lines, skins, animations, poses). Event content always has an event themed background when the items open up in front of you. In Halloween Terror, for example, the event items all have a spooky moon background when you open them up.
10/13/2017 01:55 AMPosted by alphaleo Seriously, I have two accounts and all loot boxes from arcade that I got (plus some others due lvling up) dropped trash and 1 normal legendary in both (A Doomfist and something else that I already forgot, characters that I don't play at all)...for god sake, the amount of time you ask to get 3k is absurd and knowing I can get normal Legendary skins from them discourage me from purchasing them at all.

I got the game last year at the end of this same event so I couldn't get any of the skins... and now probably I'll be lucky if I even get one :/

Normal legendary skins are on a completely different drop table than the event ones. When you get a "normal" legendary skin during an event it did not "take the place" of an event legendary. It's purely a bonus. During events, you have a higher percentage chance of getting legendary skins because you're pulling from the event drop table in addition to the normal drop table. Hope that clarifies things a bit.

Hey there, this is a bug we first saw a little bit ago and finally found a fix for. I believe it’s currently scheduled for 1.17.

We know this is very impactful, we’re sorry you encountered it.

Hi guys,

We identified and resolved an issue that could cause some players to get matches hosted in incorrect locations. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention, and please let us know if you have any further problems!

Hey there we looked at the servers for AU and believe things are functioning correctly. We’ll continue to investigate and any additional information is helpful for us so please share it here. Cheers.

Hey there this bug was fixed after our submission. We’re working on a patch for console which includes this fix. Sorry about that.

Thanks I’ve passed this along to our QA team. Cheers!

Hey there we think this is an interesting idea and it’s something we may add in the future. Thanks!

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Hey folks we just pushed a new patch to PTR which includes additional bug fixes for Lúcio and Mercy, and a newer snapshot of your data from the live servers.

We appreciate all of the feedback you've given so far, please continue to use this forum for any additional notes you'd like to share.

Bill Warnecke commented on Lucio feels 'heavy'
Hey folks we just pushed another patch to the PTR,, which includes additional bug fixes and tuning changes. Please continue to let us know what you think, thanks!
This is an intentional change that is meant to account for the removal of Assemble Heroes for this mode. Some of the experience that we award is for non-combat time, like when players are in Assemble Heroes or waiting for the doors to open. Now that we are skipping Assemble Heroes, there is less of that non-combat time to account for.

Mystery Heroes games will generally be faster now, and the amount of experience earned per minute should be roughly unchanged.
This is an intended change. I'll update the PTR thread as well. The intent is make it more difficult to resurrect dead allies that are in bad positions.
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