Cheers. We definitely pushed to get these changes out ASAP. Glad it’s been well received so far.

We're not in every stream at every moment. We're depending on all of you to send us clips. You are our eyes and ears for this stuff.

We have this very same build in certification now and will release it as soon as we can. We’re not trying to hold it for more fixes in this case.


If that player feels they were incorrectly suspended they can appeal it via the email they are sent.

This is not a "one trick problem". This is a player who is actively throwing. If you have video of it, please pass it along.

A new patch is now live on Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Read below to learn more about the latest changes.

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  • Wall Ride
    • Activating Wall Ride will now cause the flag to drop during Capture the Flag matches

Developer Comments: Developer Comments: Lúcio’s Wall Ride allowed him to reach unintended places in Capture the Flag maps, which made it overly difficult for opponents to stop him. So, we have changed the ability to cause the flag to drop instead for better balanced matches.


  • Fixed a typo that caused the Lunar New Year banner to display the wrong end date for Overwatch Lunar New Year
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the client to crash after a player used the Hero Skin Selection dropdown menu in Hero Select

Capture the Flag
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Winston to pick up the flag while airborne after activating his Jump Pack
  • Fixed a bug that caused flags dropped near ceilings to get stuck inside of walls

  • Fixed a bug that caused Mei to levitate if she used Cryo-stasis

Game Browser and Custom Games
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from playing games in the Arcade if they were using a trial account

  • Fixed a bug that caused hero ultimate charges to reset after the first death if a player changed their skin using the Hero Skin Selection a second before the match began
  • Fixed a bug that caused Zarya’s reaction animations to loop continuously after taking damage following the destruction of her Particle Barrier

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Weekly Rewards timer in from displaying correctly in the Arcade

I wasn’t aware of that bug but I’ll send it along to our QA group to check out. Thanks for the report!

Hey folks sorry for this bug. We have a fix for it in the next patch.

Just a reminder:

Console certification is out of our hands. The Wed/Thurs is a best case scenario and if we get stuck in cert it will take longer to go live. Please manage expectations accordingly...
We're patching Lúcio very soon.

He will drop the flag on wall ride.

Patch will most likely hit Tuesday (pacific time) on PC and Wednesday/Thurs (pacific) for Console (we have to get the patch through certification -- that's why there is a difference in release time -- sorry).

Not only is his speed unreasonably fast with the boost from Wall Ride but he can also get to places that are very difficult to defend against.
We disagree that Mei needs a major rework. We are trying some improvements to her but they are not major.

Symmetra will require more work to get into a better place and therefore take longer to address.

Hey there, I’ll leave it up to others to give advice for one platform or the other, but to make the choice a bit easier on you, both platforms have a solid player base in Europe.

Hope that helps you make a choice. Cheers!

Definitely saw that feedback. I’ll make sure to pass it along to the right folks. Cheers.

We're working on fixing this up! There's some cool tech that's behind the scenes to tie together the website, the mobile app, and broadcast, but it's new, have to work out the kinks.


Hey there, this is something that’s on our radar. Cheers.

Thanks for the heads up. I passed this along to our moderation team to keep an eye out. Cheers.

We have a tournament region that is available online and used for various esports events and also by Overwatch League players. Patch 1.18 and 1.19 are both available there now. This works a lot like the PTR, just another drop down entry.

There’s also a few LAN servers at the arena which has 1.18 available for both practice and actual tournament matches.

This is amazing.

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