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As much as the feedback and discussion is appreciated, we don't currently consider Sound Barrier as an ultimate in need of a power increase.

We're listening, though and look forward to hearing more of your thoughts.
12/06/2017 06:46 AMPosted by MehuKatti On this day, 100 years ago, Finland declared its independence. On this day of celebration, we would love to show off our pride by displaying the Finnish national flag in the player profile. We are a small country of 5.5 million people, but many of us play this game and some have even made it to Overwatch League.

I understand it's not yet possible to purchase player icons for our player profiles. But if Blizzard could make the flag a lootbox drop, it would make us Finns very, very happy. :)

Thank you all for your time to read this! If you think it would be a nice idea to get more flags as player icons, please comment below.

Happy 100 years of Independence, Finland!

We would like to add more flags to the game. Oddly, we run into a lot of legal issues when we do but we'll keep pushing to make it happen!
Great list. We'll keep these ideas in mind. Feel free to add more to this thread and we'll keep an eye on it.

In the next upcoming patch we have some new additions to Custom Game rules coming. Keep an eye out for those.
We will get it fixed. Thanks.
We will take a look thanks.
Was an issue with the hybrid maps, thanks. Should be fixed soon.
Will send it over to QA thanks for the video.

Players can unlock Overwatch League skins with a new virtual currency called League Tokens. League Tokens will only be used for Overwatch League in-game content.

The League Token system is still in development, so we don’t have any details to share right now regarding bundles or price. We’ll be providing more information when the system launches in early 2018. Thank you for your patience!

We’re using a token-based system for several reasons, one of which being that it gives us the flexibility to occasionally award League Tokens to players for promotions and other opportunities. It also helps support consistency in pricing, and any potential price adjustments, across the different platforms.


This is a fantastic idea. Any chance you could include a bonus section on how not to tilt while reading forums and comments? Asking for a friend.

They will not be available through the normal Loot Box system.

Bill Warnecke commented on Overwatch on Switch?
Hey Squidarang. Jeff talked about this a bit in an interview a few months ago. If you haven’t read that, hopefully it gives some insight.

Sorry we don’t have anything more exciting to share at this time.


Cheers Kaidanos

I use my phone a lot. I’m not in the office right now. ;)

For a personal project I’d recommend using lua. Your instinct to focus on the main task (your engine) is very good.

World of Warcraft shipped using lua for scripting. It’s incredibly powerful. Over time the WoW team has specifically optimized and natively implemented certain functionality, but this was the result of benchmarking and profiling to know what mattered.

We don’t regret creating statescript, if we were starting the project today we’d make the same choice. There was an original implementation of it in Project Titan, we used lessons learned there and reimplemented it completely when we started on Overwatch.


Hey folks thanks for the well written post and great discussion. Please continue to use this thread for Mei discussion and we’ll monitor it. Cheers.

It is true I’d rather avoid thread hijacking. We’re less likely to reply in a hijacked topic.

Hey Kaidanos, I just wanted to note that I’ve seen your post. Thanks for taking the time to write it up and passionately pursing getting the issues in front of us.

Our designers (and many other members of the dev team) read r/competitiveoverwatch regularly. I don’t have any specific plans to share with you now, but I hope being acknowledged will do for today.


Love it! Tell them cheers from the Overwatch team. Thanks for sharing.

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