This is beautiful! I actually use roll20 myself to broadcast onto an LCD screen we built into a table. Part of the issue we've run into is refraction from the glass protecting the screen, but I'm wondering if an isometric take my help solve my issue.

Welp, time to write a Sanctuary based one-off, I guess.

Those temperatures you mentioned are incredibly low. Based on those, it sounds like you CPU and GPU likely aren't getting anywhere near their max clock speeds. Mind running HWMonitor while you play? Let's play for about 10-15 minutes then minimize the game. From there take screenshots of the info in HWMonitor and upload them to a site like imgur to link here.

This is amazing! Congratulations!

It's really interesting to see which parts were most challenging for you, and inspiring to hear how you overcame each one. Nicely done. :)

Resources to push a centralized announcement, whether it be manpower, advertising power, impressive assets (what have you) are higher quality and more efficiently spent than fewer or weaker resources on multiple announcements.

Traditionally, we have given at least a two week warning prior to the end of every season. That is still the plan. You all will know when we are, at least, two weeks out from the end of the Season.

At that time, we'll also announce the start of the next Season so you can plan accordingly. That's the precedence we set with our first Season and intend to keep committing to for the foreseeable future.

It's simple to add start and end dates. What would be the problem with this?

There are a lot of reasons for having this buffer time, and most of them have nothing to do with development cycles or implementation. As just one example, we're a global company servicing a global community and localization is extremely important and fairly complicated. A two-week window is ample time to adjust to any changes that might pop up and we need to make and make sure those changes are communicated effectively in every language we support.

Here's an example situation we'd like to avoid: Folks see at the start of the season that it will end at X time, but they miss the update three weeks later that there will be a delay. It isn't reasonable for us to expect every player to check the website, social media, or reddit every day or week (or even log in that frequently, for that matter). So, we make sure that our communications are centralized, fully localized, and globally coordinated. It's much easier to find information this way and less likely to be confusing if it's less subject to change.

TLDR: Game development, and the communication around it, is complicated, yo.

Nope. Just minor behind-the-scenes stuff. That's usually what those teeny updates are.

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05/01/2018 07:28 PMPosted by Karmakaze Thanks for confirming the post for me, tho the bit about botting was just someone's reply - neither the original post nor the guy who made it. There was no apparent reason to delete the whole thing.

Often, some threads get moderated because of how off-topic they become. That was one such example. It's not meant as punishment to the original poster. I do so wish we had a private message function on these forums, at least as community managers and moderators to posters. I'd better like to explain these things without having to do so in a forum thread and adding to the off-topic-ness. Perhaps in the future!

05/01/2018 09:09 PMPosted by GhostDragon Maybe, just maybe, posts and attitude like that is why they seldom post anymore?

Nope! Attitudes like that get moderated, as per our forum code of conduct. Most of the reason I don't post as much as I would like is simply from being busy. Being a community manager has a lot more responsibilities than posting on the forums; these days I do a lot of research, write reports, put together powerpoint decks, and the like.

But when I find time or need a break from staring at excel sheets, it's nice to hop in here and chat with you all. I'll try to be better about that, even if it's just a casual discussion here or there.
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05/01/2018 03:53 PMPosted by Zeddicuus Can we get the low and dirty on this behind the scenes work?

Nope! Sorry. I'm always happy to talk about what I've worked on post-mortem, but generally in-progress is off limits. ;)

05/01/2018 03:34 PMPosted by naksiloth Can we look forward for Diablo related news at this year's Blizzcon or is it too early to ask?

Last year was an exception in that we're normally not in the habit of announcing/not announcing what we are or aren't going to announce. (Yes, that's redundant, but it's accurate.) That goes for everyone across the company, incidentally, not just the Diablo team. I would say don't expect that to become the norm, though I'm certainly always pitching new ways to evolve our communication that make sense.

TLDR: Not a question I can probably ever really answer, to be honest.
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We're around. :) A lot of what I'm personally working on is behind the scenes, so posting has, unfortunately, become a lower priority on my task list as of late.

That said, how are you? Whatcha up to in Season 13? Have you finished your goals yet? Got your pet? Starting an alt? I'd love to hear how ya'll are doing.
I've said it numerous times before, but for reiteration (and consider this the TLDR of what follows): We are, have been, and will continue to be dedicated to combating cheating in our games, as well as upholding our TOS.

If you suspect someone is botting, please do feel free to report them to It's always great for us to have more information! Beyond that, our team has access to a bevy of tools, data, and research that goes well beyond skimming the leaderboards for suspects. That's simply not how we go about it.

"How then," you may ask, "does Blizzard identify and ban cheaters?"

That's something I can't answer. It is, in fact, harmful if we reveal or allude to our methods. Fighting cheating is a cold war of sorts. We catch and ban a bunch of people. Cheaters will inevitably evolve and find a new way to cheat. Rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

We have no intention of giving up, but the fight is never over! We keep our secrets close to our chest because that's one of the best ways to keep our advantage and reduce the impact of third party applications and botting on our honest players. I'm a big advocate in general for transparency, but this is one of those topics where it causes more harm than help to the fight.

Lastly, I've locked this because it's a pretty inflammatory way to go about getting your voice heard. Let's try not to repost the same thing every season while posting in all bold and caps, yeah? I want to ensure that you guys know we hear your concerns, but there isn't a back-and-forth conversation to have here. Most questions we just can't answer. But acknowledgement is important, so here's our perspective—at least, the most of it that I can offer.

We have no current plans to change Nephalem Glory on PC or Console.

Apologies for the delays, folks, but we are now once again at patch parity with PC for PS4 and Xbox One users. Thanks for your patience!

The patch is now out. This patch includes both the StarCraft Anniversary pet as well as fixes for the Curses! Conquest.

We know the delays have been frustrating, but rest assured we are committed to console and have been working hard with our console partners to get through these issues as quickly as we could.

I actually just picked this up online a few days ago. Still awaiting delivery. Might have to make a fun game night of it!

TIL: His real name is Deckard "Beatbox" Cain.

"For a moment there, I thought I saw... Leah."

Brb, crying forever.

Just want to clear this up: There are two different "Travis Day"s at the company. One of them works on WoW, the other on Diablo.

Totally different people. :)

Hey all,

We have deployed another hotfix that we believe has resolved this issue. We're still actively monitoring for any sign that this issue is ongoing, so we'll continue to leave this thread open for any additional reports.

We appreciate your patience while we worked to resolve this complex issue!
Locking this one since we have a thread at the top of the forum for this discussion. Thanks!