We are going to fix this, not sure exactly when yet.

This year’s Hallow’s End celebration will feature Dual-class Arenas for the first time ever! We’re excited about a new format for the Arena, but we also understand that the monthly rankings are important. With that in mind, this month’s rankings will only take into account Arena runs performed until October 23rd, so please plan accordingly.

Also, we’ll be posting special Dual-class Arena rankings after the Hallow’s End event meets its end!

Every month we post the top 100 players who play arena. We are doing this again this month but it will only run up to Oct 23rd only.

We will then have a special Hallow's End event of Dual class arena for about 2 weeks. We are going to post a bonus top 100 arena standings just for that special 2 week format.

Just a heads up for the people who care about that top 100 list. And maybe some people didn't know about the dual class arena we announced in the patch notes this week.

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10/19/2017 11:13 PMPosted by August Dean Ayala I created an account here yesterday. I'll be a regular before you know it :).
That's really encouraging to hear.

Just have your thick skin ready lol.

I was forged in the fires of reddit!

People are passionate about Hearthstone, we're lucky to have that.
I created an account here yesterday. I'll be a regular before you know it :).
10/19/2017 02:16 PMPosted by Boogliboo With the recent Nemsy Fireside promotion, I decided to put on my big boy pants and venture into the real world.

The closest event was two hours away, which was a bit annoying. Regardless, I made it to the event. It took place in a restaurant, and was being held by the owner. When I first arrived, there were only about 3 other people. Fortunately, as the night went on, a lot more people came.

Everyone there were super nice, and we all just played meme decks and had a blast. About an hour in, one of the staff set up a little "tournament" with an actual prize (a $20 Battle-net card). Unfortunately, I had to leave before the tournament was over, but I wasn't going to win anyway. (Someone was playing Jade Druid.)

Overall, if you can go to a Fireside Gathering, I HIGHLY recommend it. I might have just gotten lucky with the one I went to, but I'd give one a try anyway. Plus, you get the new Warlock hero, so it's a win-win lol.

Cheers ;)

Thanks for sharing we're glad you had a good time!
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10/19/2017 06:36 PMPosted by xFoobs How would you guys feel about extending the season to 2 months instead of 1? Or even say 6 weeks then a re set.

There's pros and cons for having it extended and pros and cons for keeping it the same.
Just interested in what you guys have to say.

The thing we talk about most frequently is how many stars you are set back at the beginning of each month. Resets are good and bad for a number of reasons. Starting fresh or feeling a sense of progression can feel great, but the final destination needs to feel like you have enough time to attain it and savor it. Longer seasons can accomplish some of that, so can decreasing the star reset. If seasons get too long, or there is no reset at all it's relatively easy to feel like you get to a plateau where there is no more progression to be had. Not all players continue to get better at Hearthstone at the same rate, but that doesn't mean not all Hearthstone players should get to enjoy some form of progression. The challenge is finding a time or reset amount that does the best job of getting to feel progression towards sweet rewards without feeling like the rug gets pulled out from under you too quickly. We appreciate the feedback on this and would love to hear more of it.
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I have no doubt he'll be back next year. The level of consistency he had this year really was unprecedented in the short history of HCT. We're lucky to have him as the current world champion, time for someone else to have a turn, though!
We don't have any plan to take Death Knights out of arena. In most cases they are very powerful, but not any more powerful than other highly drafted legendary cards. The circumstance where people are drafting and playing powerful legendary cards from the set that just released is something we think is positive so long as they aren't exceeding the power level of all other cards in existence.
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Something I recommend to people is to try watching a video of a player you know is very good and pause at the beginning of each turn. Try and figure out what you would do, then play the video to see what they did. If there are differences (there almost always are) try to figure out why they did something different than you. In most circumstances I feel like this has helped a few people I know get better at the game.

Alternatively, trying to play a variety of deck archetypes helps a lot. If you are losing a lot to aggressive decks it helps to play a bunch of games as the aggro deck to see what it's weaknesses are first-hand.

I love this thread, so many cool decks for people to try out that are not popular but can do well if you play them well.

Thanks for making this! Decks like these and posts like this make Hearthstone fun!

This should be resolved upon the beginning of our Hallow's Eve event with dual-class arena. All decks will be retired so that all games take place under the new arena rules.
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I'll double check tomorrow on this, but I believe someone was already looking into it.

Hotfix means server side only, nothing for you to download.

We are currently deploying a Hotfix to fix the speed of Shadowreaper Anduin's hero power.

It slowed down in the patch yesterday. I don't know exactly why since I am not one of the engineers that fixed it but it sounds like it is a side effects of the unity upgrade we did. We have to rebuild a some things when we do a unity upgrade.



Again, this is not what we're saying. On release day, on rotation day, Arena is likely to be standard format to showcase the big change that will have just happened in Hearthstone. Time after that, and time leading up to that, don't have a set in stone plan at this point.

Dual-Class Arena will be here soon. This also is not a confirmation that arena will be standard indefinitely, it just means that arena will most likely be standard format on rotation day, which I think is the best time for the format to be standard.

We've engaged on this topic a few times, including directly through PM with multiple individuals. There are a bunch of instances data is cited where win rates, player activity, or things like this don't match up with the data we have in-house. I don't think it's a sustainable strategy to try and publicly refute every instance of this. Internally we are having someone investigate in case there actually is something unexpected happening with arena offering rates, and if anything does come up we will fix it.

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