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06/22/2018 11:34 AMPosted by traja I am only talking about how this appears to me and not claiming to know the real intentions of anyone. What it appears to me as is Jesse not liking this topic in general, but also not wanting to completely kill discussion into any topic entirely, because that would be kind of shady. So he created this thread for people to vent their futile opinions into while it is really all ignored because nothing has changed on the developer side of things.

:( Sorry if it comes off like that. Definitely not the case.

I don't particularly have a stance on the topic one way or the other, but what I do have a stance on is players being able to express their opinion on the topic in a constructive way. This thread is to help allow that, while also putting all feedback in one place and allowing me to better deliver it to Team 5. I don't find any feedback futile.
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06/22/2018 10:33 AMPosted by wolf8sheep So did I just waste my time posting if this thread will simply be presented to team 5 only to have them 100% not consider it or am I understanding that wrong?

Not at all and sorry if I worded that in a way that made it seem as such. I'll edit that line.

*Edit - Removed the line. Thanks for the perspective on how that came off wolf8sheep. Definitely could have been worded better.
06/22/2018 05:04 AMPosted by Wardrum Hearthstone is 10% luck
20% skill
15% rage over decks that can mill
5% draw power
50% theme
And 100% reason to remember the meme.


You win this thread.

Mmmm... I'm going to challenge the brainless part.

When I first played - other - card games, I gravitated towards control decks. I loved the feeling of locking things down or turning a game to my favor and taking control. It was a very accomplished feeling to be on the brink of defeat and pull it back in. I often avoided aggro style decks because I did not get this same kind of satisfaction from my wins. And while I respected opponents who could pull off wins with these style of decks, I didn't "get it".

Then this new (at the time many years ago) game out, where comic book characters would battle it out. Getting into it, I naturally went for more control style decks. Then a friend of mine asked me to help him play test against an aggro deck he was having trouble with. So, to better assist him, I put some time into learning this deck....and fell in love with it. And the more I played it, the more I learned there was about as much strategy involved as any control deck I had played.

I understand some encounters with "face" decks can feel ridiculous. I have been on the receiving end of a turn 5(ish) defeat a time or two. It is not a great feeling. However, this isn't always the case. I think being able to maintain board presence, while not over committing or knowing the benefits of turning spells on targets other than your opponent at the right times is a huge skill. Choosing proper trades, knowing what/who to attack and when, or just understanding the board and what could possibly be in your opponent's hand for your upcoming moves. These are all huge deals and things that have to be evaluated.

Not saying there haven't been some pretty ludicrously fast decks or that some decks don't have the feel that they play themselves. It happens, in all games. I'm just saying I don't believe you can stick aggro players under an umbrella of "brain dead". When playing high attack, low health minions in a way that can quickly empty your hand, knowing how to combat immediate counters and being able to recover when things go sideways takes some serious thought.
Got to about 60 with Druid.....but it was using Malfurion the Pestilent, so that maybe doesn't count? Def not as impressive as 100 armor using Hunter. Jeez
06/22/2018 09:56 AMPosted by Goramier Now would be the time to get any cross game portraits

Oooh! Good call out.
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06/22/2018 09:57 AMPosted by Metro You know the game is losing players when Blizzard starts to consider things that people have asked for yet the company has ignored for years.

Absolutely none of this is true.

I made it 100% clear, this is not a consideration. I have created this thread to allow players to talk about the topic and provide feedback in a constructive manner that is more easily presented to Team 5.

Also, the issue has not been ignored. There was an answer given and the stance has remained the same. Not changing due to whatever reason is not the matter being ignored. It is maintaining a stance on a topic. If this was being ignored, the very thread you posted that in would not exist.

When I first started commenting on these forums more regularly, I asked for feedback from the current community on how this realm could improve. The majority of comments lead to 1. More transparency. 2. Recognizing community asks. 3. More heavily moderating discussions.

Threads like this help lend to all three of those things. This is not the only topic I have done this with and will not be the last.
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06/22/2018 05:47 AMPosted by Right Jesse, I dont appreciate that you removed my response to this attack on me.

06/22/2018 05:47 AMPosted by Right Remove them BOTH then...

My apologizes, Right. I did miss that post. I removed the back and forth as I felt it was progressing negatively and I wanted to avoid the need for you both to feel you needed to defend each other, or to attack each other. That was the reason the posts of you two going back and forth were removed.

Once again, my apologizes for missing that.
We regularly look at our pricing around the world, and from time to time we make changes in light of local and regional market conditions. As such, we want to let everyone know we will be updating pricing for Hearthstone in Australia (AUD).

Effective 26 June 2018, the new pricing for Hearthstone across both PC and Android platforms will be as follows:

Bundle of 2 Packs ......................................... $3.95
Bundle of 7 Packs ........................................ $13.50
Bundle of 15 Packs ....................................... $26.95
Bundle of 40 Packs ....................................... $66.95
Bundle of 60 Packs ....................................... $94.95
Expansion pre-sales Bundle of 70 Packs ...... $66.95
Arena Entry (1 Entry)..................................... $2.75
Adventure Pack - 1 wing ............................... $9.50
Adventure Pack - 2 wings bundle ................. $13.50
Adventure Pack - 3 wings bundle ................. $19.95
Adventure Pack - 4 wings bundle ................. $26.95
Adventure Pack - 5 wings bundle ................. $33.95
New Hero ....................................................... $13.50
Welcome Bundle ............................................ $6.75
Heroic Tavern Brawl ...................................... $13.50
Promotional Win-Back Bundle (YOTM) ........ $26.95

Pricing across the iOS platform will be unaffected.

New Zealand dollar pricing will be unaffected by this price change, and players in New Zealand will continue to purchase at the current NZD pricing.
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06/21/2018 04:19 PMPosted by Wardrum It's 'cause you hate me and you know it!!

I don't hate anyone :(
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06/21/2018 01:02 PMPosted by Knappco Is there any chance we can get answers to the other questions surrounding this topic, Jesse? Like why this system was implemented in the first place, as opposed to a more traditional chat system? Or why there is reluctance to change any part of the social systems of Hearthstone?

Whenever Dev talks about something, we look to get as much info to share as possible. Should additional feedback on the topic become available, I will see how deep into the topic they want to go and will provide what transparency I can.

Just a reminder, this is an area to discuss the topic, provide feedback and add to any comments you feel relevant. A couple things I ask for comments not to do is:

- Please do not speak for others. The only opinion you can be 100% on is your own. Try and avoid things such as "so many players", "majority of people" or "everyone wants". To often I have seen these comments turn threads into the type of thread we want to avoid. Besides, this is a chance for YOU to deliver your feedback about something meaningful for you. :)

- Don't make it personal over another's comments. If someone is misinterpreting you, feel free to clarify, but please try and avoid turning it into a back and forth argument. These are the type of things that stick out in a thread and cause it to appear as if it is just a trolling/flaming fight.

- Respect each other. If someone does not agree with you, that does not mean anyone is wrong. Different players have different experiences just like people play for different reasons and look to get different things from their time. If someone has a different perspective, feel free to discuss it, but attacking someone for it will not be tolerated. There is just no need.

- Watch making assumptions. If something appears a certain way, that doesn't always mean that was the intent. This goes for everything from Hearthstone to comments being made.

I don't want there to be any topic that we can't openly discuss, but it takes all of us to make it work. If you see someone being toxic, please try to just ignore them. Don't quote them or respond. Leave it (or report it) and we'll take care of it.

Thank you to everyone who continues to contribute in a positive manner.

Jesse Hill commented on Thanks for the help
Love when appreciation is shared :)

Changed the title though fyi. "Calling out" a player or using their name can be considered a break in terms of use. Would hate for a good intention to be treated as something negative on accident.

Sorry if it killed the mood >.<
Hey nadnal,

I returned your post. Not sure why it was removed other than maybe seeming like it was something negative directed at a specific group with the "16+" part?

Not 100% sure, but I returned it and I'll keep an eye on posts being removed. Keep in mind that CS does help monitor the forums, so I'm not the only one doing things.

Bobafett345 - I'll keep an eye on the downvoting. If I see a post that appears to be targeted or specific comments getting blasted in a short amount of time, I'll check into it further. I "cleaned up" some of those from the last post there was concern over to make sure it isn't maliciously being grayed out.
Greetings everyone,

As I keep seeing threads about this matter popping up, I wanted to focus feedback and allow a place for "pro" folks to discuss the topic, kind of like what there is for Tyrande and some other threads.

So, I have started this thread here:

I cover reasons and what not here.

Moving forward, I will be looking to focus related threads and comments to this main thread and locking new posts.

Thank you all for your feedback.


I am starting off this post as a thread for players to discuss the desire for "auto-squelch" or the ability to turn off squelch completely, rather than a game-by-game basis. This thread is for feedback and (civil) discussions on the matter.

Those looking to disrupt, troll, start any kind of flame war or just plain be rude will have their comments removed and possibly be actioned. If this is not a feature you support, then this may not be the thread for you. This is a feature some would like to see.

For any who post, please post respectfully and help to keep this conversation open and moving forward. As updates or comments from Dev become available, I will get them posted into this thread.

Thank you!
Just to give some context everyone -

I have a list of feedback, requests, common "complaints" or areas of improvements that I deliver to "the powers that be". This is a topic included.

There is no hard "no", because things always have the possibility to change. This is why in my responses I always try to frame it as "at this time". It is very possible that the stance on this matter shifts and this is something that gets implemented. Please note this is not me saying it will or is going to, just saying it is possible.

Now, I fully understand the frustration of being relayed to an older answer as the response to this matter. I also understand that an answer like that may not add a satisfying enough amount of context for some. As I hope is seen with the latest "Tavern Talk" thread, we are working on building communication and transparency.

So, I want to handle this topic much like the Tyrande skin thread. Where we have a dedicated post where those who want to provide feedback on the matter can post and discuss the topic. I will also handle the post like the Tyrande thread, to where anyone who comes in to just argue or troll will be removed. Not that constructive discussions cannot happen, but as a lot of "hot topics" tend to break down into some kind of flame war or massive down votes that lead to the thread falling off, focusing these threads to one helps in monitoring to prevent those matters.

This also helps to cut down on the amount of threads, so that great comments and feedback won't tend to get lost spread across multiple posts, but all put into one area that can be delivered direct to Team 5. This also helps to keep all responses and comments from this end in one central area, so there isn't the concern of things getting missed or links not being provided.

I will look to get that up soon and hope to see everyone for the matter commenting (even Skruff ;) <3).


Hearthstone is ever evolving and expanding, and we’re excited to share with you a brand new Fireside Gatherings feature! Starting today, you’ll be able to create Fireside Gatherings as unlisted events. This means you’ll be able to host private Fireside Gatherings in more relaxed settings with friends or co-workers, all while enjoying the perks of a public Fireside Gathering. With unlisted events, your Fireside Gathering will not show up on upcoming event lists.

While public Fireside Gatherings are still a great way to play, we’ve found that the more informal, friendly atmosphere of a smaller event can be welcoming to players just picking up Hearthstone. They can also be a great playground for the budding Innkeeper, who might want to figure out their routine before going big. And best of all, you’ll be able to bring all that Hearthstone fun (and your friends!) into the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a little more details on how unlisted Fireside Gatherings work.

Unlisted Fireside Gatherings will:
    • Be eligible to receive Nemsy Necrofizzle if they fulfil all hosting prerequisites. This means having an established Tavern! Learn more about how to establish your tavern here.
    • Be eligible for the Fireside Gatherings card back
    • Allow event listing creation the same day it is meant to be hosted
    • Have the same Fireside Brawls as public Fireside Gatherings
    • Be visible on the website only to the innkeeper hosting it. The Fireside Gathering itself will be visible in the game client, and attendees will be able to search and find it in the client as well.

Unlisted Fireside Gatherings will NOT:
    • Be eligible for celebration campaigns
    • Be visible on Tavern or upcoming event pages
    • Show up if anyone tries to search for it on the upcoming events page
    • Count towards any Tavern or Innkeeper progression. They will not count towards establishing your Tavern. You will still need to host public events with at least 3 check-ins in order to establish your Tavern.

For more resources on Fireside Gatherings, click here.
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06/20/2018 01:52 PMPosted by mark970 my post was removed, probably because i used the word "scumbag"

Fair assessment. Not so much using the word though, but directing it at people. Understand it being used as a general term to describe the actions of a group, but there are better ways to go about relaying an opinion.
Ever wondered what goes on behind the closed doors of the tavern? Ava and the crew’s antics aside, the Hearthstone development team works hard on a myriad of tasks to bring you the game you know and love so well. More than that, we also make the time to read about the different issues and questions the community brings to light each day.

Welcome to Hearthstone Tavern Talk, where we’ll share with you answers to some of the questions we see in our community!

Are there any additional rewards for players who have achieved a Golden Hero in every class?

Usually when we add new features or rewards we like to make something that can be obtained by 10% or more of our players. Only very few of our players have the 9 Golden Heroes, and we feel that’s already pretty awesome by itself.

Do you have any changes planned for the new player experience?

We have some small ladder changes that we would like to do at some point, specifically targeted at new players when they first enter the game. The change will add some additional ranks above rank 25 that new players can play through before having to play more invested players. There will only be forward advancement through those ranks, so even if they lose, no one will be able to drop back down.

What are your thoughts on alternate card art or reprints of cards from earlier sets?

Alternate card art is something we have avoided because players almost always use art to recognize a card and instantly know what it does. Good gameplay is very important to us so we have avoided adding multiple pieces of art for a single card.

Reprints are something that we have discussed in the past, but we would want to do so only after careful consideration. We don’t have any specific plans for this in the near future.

See you at the next edition of Hearthstone Tavern Talk!
06/19/2018 05:45 PMPosted by MoarRNGplz blizzard isn't responding

Blizzard isn't responding because we have. Many, many times previously. Creating more threads on the topic doesn't change any answers.

Team 5 is aware of the feedback provided by some over squelching options. As stated, when/if there are updates on the matter, information will be provided. Until that time, the current stance remains.

Thank you.