It's intended to count as long as the target dies while the ability is active, whether it gets the killing blow or not. If you're seeing a case where this isn't happening, I'd love to hear more details.

One thing that I have seen cause confusion is if the target dies immediately after Last Rites activates, but Last Rites isn't the killing blow, it won't count. I'm beginning to wonder if it would help to add a very small "grace period" after it goes off where you still get credit, just to avoid that confusion.
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At the time, we didn't see a need to adjust it. We liked having the ability to fine tune each individual minute's scaling because levels and minutes aren't a 1 for 1 ratio, so using an exponential growth curve would create an uneven relationship between Heroes and non-Heroes.

Heroes gain levels really fast early in the game, whereas late game it can take a couple minutes to level.

While most of the games balance changes are handled via data files that create easily parseable .XML, some are done via scripting triggers that don't produce something legible without an editor to interpret it.

If you're familiar with StarCraft 2's editor, it's similar.

I appreciate the interesting discussion and observations on this thread. I know Kerrigan is a passion for a lot of our players! Just because we don't respond to a thread, it doesn't mean we don't see read it. If there's continued interesting commentary on a topic, we'll continue to follow it. Most of the time, we're actually discouraged from responding to "BLUES PLZ" because just derails a lot of the interesting discussions that can happen.

I can't share any plans for Kerrigan at the moment, other than tuning adjustments. From our perspective, she's actually strong in Hero League and Quick Match at the moment, but feels pretty niche and the kit can be fairly one dimensional. We'd love it if we could introduce more reasons to use her abilities independently, so that she would have more variety in decision making. But there aren't any immediate plans for a large scale update. Sorry!

Great news! Congratulations!

08/15/2017 03:05 PMPosted by Kharazim That's why they aren't talking to us anymore :P

It's indeed been a busy week! I'm doing my best to keep eyes out for topics I can comment on.

Thanks so much for liking the same game as me!

We're still here! I can't speak for anyone else, but the past week or so has been pretty busy so I haven't had much time to post. I'm still keeping an eye out for topics I can contribute to, and will make some time to jump in if I see a good opportunity =)


  • Night Zombie Shamblers start at 925 Health and gain 10 Health minutes 1-5, 15 Health minutes 6-10, 20 Health minutes 11-15, 25 Health minutes 16-20, and 30 Health minutes 21-30.
  • They deal 30 damage and gain 1.3 damage minutes 1-5, 1.95 damage minutes 6-10, 2.6 damage minutes 11-15, 3.25 damage minutes 16-20, and 3.9 damage every minute thereafter.
  • The Headless Horseman flying skull deals 108 initial damage and 27 periodic damage. It's damage scaling is done via trigger scripts and scales 10% every minute after 2 minutes. This is compounding (as far as I remember, I didn't work on this one!).
  • Punisher Ability damage is also done via trigger scripts. Mortar gains 5 damage per minute, Arcane 11 per minute, and Frozen 18 per minute.
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This is cool! Love all the time and effort you're putting into analysis.

I see you still know your SC pros, good on you mate.

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Kaelaris casting, an interesting idea. I wonder what that'd be like.

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