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Once we have things more stable we'll look into the matchmakers logic for how it starts expanding distance from who you are playing against.

Thanks for the report.

πŸ“‘ [Incoming Transmission] War Chest Phase 2 has arrived! Briefing:
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Greetings Executors, Cerebrates, and Commanders,

Thanks to everyone playing the new matchmaker; there are definite problems, but we have priority fixes incoming. Thank you also for the input to help source the bugs and your patience while we get things sorted.

We want to shed some light on the situation and talk about next steps:

Known Issues
  • The system designed to verify game results is disposing of matches it should not
  • Leaderboards do not match Season stats (caused by above)
  • Navigating away from the Chat Channel disconnects queued players from matchmaking
  • Matches are sometimes made against ghost players (because they navigated away from Chat)
  • Sometimes Leaderboards slightly exaggerate a player's points (who isn't happy about having their rating pumped up by order of magnitude of a thousand?)

Things In Motion
  • We're honing in on the cause of match results not being applied - this will be a server fix that we will announce, but won't require a client update
  • A server deploy will also fix the exaggerated score issue
  • We have a client fix in test for disconnects from matchmaking
  • We will be resetting the Season when these issues are resolved

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This year, we'd like to again test some major design changes. See at 10:00 a.m. PDT tomorro…

Thanks so much for the feedback SKIKS.

Although developing and assessing the impact of changes does take time, we'll do our best to be more responsive to feedback this time around. Also, having read your bullets, I think you're really gonna like what we're gonna be testing out. The full details will be released tomorrow!

Nice to see that you are excited Nate!

The Liberator's long-range effectiveness is being nerfed, but in a different way than you might think. I hope you like the change, but we will of course be open to feedback!!

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We had a blip that was causing the matchmaker to fail to match players. It should now be resolved.
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