@falamoyacrava For the Horde. ✊
@AmyLovesReaves Congraaaats! 🎉
@Lalinla86 Amazing job! 👏
@dorjemonk Transmog on point! 😍
@NCogsmith Never too many alts! 😉 We're glad to hear you like 'em.
@felshrieker Congraaaats! 🎉
@BinniWoW 😍😍😍
@SaraKatch Amazing job! 😍
@DuduNaia ALL of them? Now that's impressive! 👏👏👏
@Scott_Bowdery Wow, well done! 👏
@trollhunter Lookin' good over there! 👀
@Dasshlee Welcome back! 😉
@_Vaklyre_ Crossing our fingers you have some good loot luck! 😊
@Jorgenanonymous Niiiiiiiice! 😀
@_Zoombroom_ 😂😂😂
RT @_Zoombroom_: What month did the Draenei pirate think was the hottest? Argus. #Warcraft #selfie #NationalTellaJokeDay https://t.co/Rgb
@NaarielArt Stunning job! 😍
@ChaosInfintium Grats! 🎉
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