You got it. I'd like to specifically bring attention to how made and clear that particular post is. The formatting is sublime; makes it all the more expedient for our QA team to address emerging issues.

The stream is supposed to stop when paused, or when another screen takes focus. If that's not occurring, be sure to report that to us here.

You can also set the Bnet app to close when the game application starts (as a possible workaround in the meantime). To do that, open the Bnet app > select the Blizzard logo in the upper-left of the app > settings > general > (in the field indicated 'when I launch a game) choose 'exit completely'.

Yeah, let's not do whatever this is. Locking this as its clearly unproductive.

I appreciate the concern over Multi-shot and I'll pass that on, please in the mean time bug report it as well.

Best to make sure the issue's been reported in our Bug Report Forum, ty!

As many players have noticed, changes to how creature health is determined in Patch 7.3.5 had a meaningful impact on some older raid content. This has been particularly noticeable in Warlords of Draenor and Mists of Pandaria raids. We’ve been discussing this topic constantly since the first threads popped up after the patch.

We want to be clear: our intention was never to greatly increase the difficulty of soloing old raid content for transmog or mount runs, but a side effect of the creature health tuning we did for leveling players. We’re currently working on a fix that will significantly reduce the health of Warlords and Mists raid bosses.

Thank you for all of your feedback and discussion on this issue. We’re sorry for the frustration, and we’re working to have you all back in there beating down those old raid bosses as soon as possible (hopefully before the weekend).

Please keep in mind that the list we've posted is not a comprehensive list of all issues that are being looked into by QA. I expect a more thorough list to be posted before too much longer in our Bug Report Forum.

In the meantime, for anything that you do not already see reported by us, please be sure to take a moment to report there in the Bug Report Forum. Ty!

It's known, and is being investigated. Ty!

Hi! For general clarification, this isn't a comprehensive list of all issues that are currently being investigated. Some performance issues are being looked into, but I'd still recommend posting anything you didn't see covered here in our Bug Report forum. I also expect to see an updated list posted there before too much longer. Ty!

Hi there, this is a known issue which is being investigated by our Quality Assurance team.

For any other issues the community comes across, we recommend posting those reports in our Bug Report forum, ty!

Appreciate the heads up; I don't have any information about this being unintentional. That said, please continue to bring any possible bugs to our Quality Assurance's team via our Bug Report forum. Ty!

Hihi! Our quality assurance team is aware of the missing Xmogs, and is currently looking into this. As a general request for any other issues you may encounter, please be sure to continue to post any possible bugs you come across in the bug report forums. If you see a fresh thread where the same thing has already been mentioned, we encourage you to add to that report! Ty

I just posted a status update to that here:

Locking this one as I've got a post up and we're aware of it :)
With the release of Patch 7.3.5, we’ve had to disable the web and mobile versions of the Auction House, including the Auction House API used by certain third-party sites and addons.

We’re working to re-enable it as quickly as possible.

We're aware that the issue is ongoing. If you have SMS Protect set up, you might see if temporarily disengaging that and then reattempting allows you back in. If so, please be sure to re-engage at your earliest convenience.

I am leaving for the night, but our engineers are still toiling away at this and I will be sure to follow up when I return tomorrow. Please keep me posted as you are able, ty!

For my own reference how long have you been seeing the black screen for?

Ty :)

Ty, I wish I had more steps to offer. Unfortunately, this appears to be related to a load issue which is still affecting the servers. For now, I can only ask for your continued patience. Although I don't have an ETA to offer as to when this will be resolved, we are seeing the number of affected account lessen as the night goes on.

Glad to see you got in!

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