Thanks for the ping! @ u/VRsubadmin def give us a shout with any of the above info, via the contact channels available here. Let me know if you have any difficulties getting this worked out.

Sigma commented on Armor as DPS specs
That looks like a tooltip bug in the "against current enemy" line--it appears to be showing your mitigation against a 120 in all the cases you're seeing here. You should indeed expect to see a number slightly higher than than the number in the first line, when targeting a -1 level enemy. The 25% you're seeing in the first line is in the right ballpark for a mail-wearer against a par enemy (subject to the exact items you have on, etc.).

As far as taking a lot of damage while questing, that could be either:
1) It's not just a tooltip bug and perhaps you are actually taking damage as though the attacker was 120. We'll have to look into that.
2) We're all used to questing in endgame gear on live, so it's a big shift to go back to questing in quest gear, where the enemies are a better match for you. Fighting 3 standard outdoor mobs at once is the sort of thing that should have a chance of killing you.
04/20/2018 07:05 PMPosted by Fenier I agree with this - it should be clear what the default stagger percentage is. This should be added to the Character Pane.

No promises yet, but the character sheet is a possible solution we might try here. Because Stagger now uses a more complex calculation akin to armor, it's difficult to present it in a tooltip. For the moment, the salient points are:

1) You want Agility to drive the value of Stagger, similarly to how all tanks now want Strength/Agility to make sure their armor/AM keeps up with content they're tanking.

2) In current alpha, with par gear against the content you're fighting, Stagger amounts are similar to what they'd been before the change (40% baseline, 70% when you have Ironskin Brew up, etc.).

Alright, if this does persist, I recommend posting in our tech support forums as our tech specialists will be able to help work with you directly there.

04/20/2018 01:17 PMPosted by Sám hey Ornyx is Nethaera still working for Blizzard? Haven't seen her post in ages.
Neth is still here! She hasn't done a lot on the forums in a few years, but she leads most of the editorial content for World of Warcraft such as blogs, etc. :)
04/20/2018 01:04 PMPosted by Bertane
04/20/2018 12:58 PMPosted by Ornyx Just wanted to chime in and note that we're very happy with how the program is going, both internally and externally, so far.

As a note of reinforcement, if you ever have feedback on specific MVPs (either positive or negative!), feel free to send an email to I'll be sure to read over what we get and use the feedback to steer the MVPs and the program as needed. :)

It would actually help if people knew what these guys were supposed to be doing.

I personally can't see the value of them popping into a thread to say they AFK in LFR.
They aren't "supposed" to be doing anything, I think that's something people need to move away from. The MVPs are players who we hope have a high amount of game-knowledge, good writing skills, a constructive mindset, etc. They are folks who are active across the whole WoW community as a trusted source of knowledge.

Many of them are leaders in certain aspects of the game, such as being heavily involved in class theory crafting, PvP, etc, and some of them already have actively lead the charge for feedback gathering in the pillars they are familiar with, which is great work.

The only thing we task them with is being generally active so we can make sure there's enough of their presence to go around such that posts where people need help don't go unanswered.
Just wanted to chime in and note that we're very happy with how the program is going, both internally and externally, so far.

As a note of reinforcement, if you ever have feedback on specific MVPs (either positive or negative!), feel free to send an email to I'll be sure to read over what we get and use the feedback to steer the MVPs and the program as needed. :)
FYI - I extended the cap on this thread.

We try to move to new threads for all topics around 3,000 posts to avoid excessive forum load. :)
Sigma commented on Monks Soothing Mist
1) Just to say it, sorry about the confusion where we said we were going fix a bug with mobile Soothing Mist and then wound up removing it this build. We made the latter decision a few days later. Briefly--with Soothing Mist changing so much between Legion and BFA, the impact of mobile Soothing would have gone from "a small filler heal can be cast while moving" to "all 5 of your core heals can now be cast while moving." The latter is something we avoid on healers.

2) Any details on ReM overwriting itself would be good. It should not be trying to jump unless there is an injured target that doesn't already have your Renewing Mist on them.

I can’t offer to trade a game time code for a registration code; that said, the subscription is only necessary if you have upgraded the game (which unlocks higher level content). You don’t need to add a subscription to start playing the game (which it sounds like you’ve already downloaded).

If you are having difficulty getting the game running let me know, and I’ll be happy to help you out. That said, I am currently out of the office but will be back later in the day.

04/18/2018 06:02 PMPosted by Dhumah Are we capped now? O-o

Not anymore!

Adding to this, @ u/MauroDiogo our article regarding Faction Change effects can be found here.

The free version you've downloaded is the Starter Edition, which does not require a subscription. If you ever decide to update to the Standard Edition (which comes with 30 days of game time), a subscription code would extend access to the higher level content which that edition provides.

Another way of putting it is, a subscription is not the same as a game registration key. You wouldn't need the subscription key unless you decided to eventually upgrade the game.

You're able to start a game license and play up to level 20 with most of the various classes through the Starter Edition. A subscription is only required to access game content beyond the Starter Edition license. Say you like the game, have been playing the Starter Edition, and you upgrade to a Standard Edition. That comes with 30 days of game time, and allows you to access higher level content of the game. If the code you have is for a valid subscription, you'd be able to apply it to the game license to extend that time you accessed the higher level content.

If and when the subscription runs out, the game license reverts to a Starter Edition, but the account still has a record of all the higher level achievements/ characters. More specific information about the Starter Edition limitations can be found here.

04/19/2018 08:50 AMPosted by Clalina C. Jane from Accounting

I've walked through the Finance Department before. It's definitely Jane. She knows what she did.

As a heads up, the system requirements are listed here. Regarding the game card, you could reach out to us through this page so we can check the code. Hope this helps!

Bad General Discussion, bad. *sprays with water bottle*

This was a harmless post >.>

See if this persists after restarting in selective startup; if it does, you may want to consider resetting the user interface as well. Additional performance troubleshooting info is listed here. Hope this helps!

Hi! If this is still affecting you, go ahead and run a traceroute and then either PM me the information (I'll be here until 6PM PDT this eve) or reach out to our tech specialists via the options available here. Ty

04/17/2018 03:45 PMPosted by Revengemoon I agree that having Crusade be the only viable talent for Ret the entire expansion was not fun but bringing back Inquisition is not much better in my mind.

I would definitely agree with you back then. Inquisition when it was forced into the only play-style didn't feel great if you didn't like juggling the upkeep. However it being optional as a talent I feel is a great solution for something that works as that sustain option versus burst or a proc. I hope the balancing is close enough to where you can opt for it or the other two and time will tell in that regard.

04/18/2018 08:45 AMPosted by Poundcake People complaining about the judgment window just don't have enough gear. There's only a 1 to 2 second period where judgment debuff is not up which you can spend building holy power until you judge again.

Its not the difficulty or the time, its just that it didn't feel unique or particularly fun. It was just there and there wasn't a lot of separation between it and the identity of what Colossus Smash was. Obviously they were different spells but I think it did have the feel of Arms in a slight regard.

04/18/2018 08:57 AMPosted by Wariya Confirmed paladin favoritism :3

I mean even in my welcome post I announced Paladin's status as the master class. Please send all of your complaints on this stance to Ornyx.