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Thanks for bearing with us on this, all.
I'm guessing you play Horde.

I actually play both.

06/21/2018 04:52 PMPosted by Kaiyeri No home, no pride, nothing. We're just pathetic now.

A thirst for revenge. If that doesn't make you want to play a Night Elf I'm not sure what will. I may main Horde at the moment (even though my team plays Alliance) but I want to see the Night Elves rise up and control the charcoal trade.
A nice collection of ashes.

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Okay, if there are no conflicting programs, then its likely the case that the program is having difficulty updating/installing due to the wireless. If a direct line connection between your system and the local modem is not possible for you, you can try refreshing the wireless (and then restart the computer) to see if that resolves this. To refresh the WiFi, just disconnect the network devices from power for at least a minute before reconnecting and repowering.

If you continue to run into issues with this thereafter, I would recommend running a traceroute then reach out to our tech specialists through the contact options we have available on this page.

For my clarification, is your system connected to the local modem over a direct, Ethernet line, or over WiFi?

I'm gonna go ahead and lock this one as the wonderful Vrakthis has written books on this in the Customer Support forums that some of you have so kindly linked for OP.

OP this is not a place to discuss penalties, if you disagree with your silence you're more than welcome to appeal it but considering you're on multiple silences in a row I think its safe to say you're earning these pretty fairly. I'd suggest you take the hint so that you don't continue to get silenced. You're free to say what you want in private chats but keep it out of channels that are not private such as /say, /yell, Trade, and General chat. Obviously this isn't the full list but you get the idea.

I'd also like to remind everyone that again, the silence is not automatic. Every single one of them is reviewed by a Game Master before the penalty is actually applied.
06/19/2018 01:02 PMPosted by Qwackers And a Gnome Druid - wolverine tank form!

Pretty sure Gnome Druid Bear form would just be a bear cub.

As others in the thread have stated, if there's yet any unresolved issue with your financial institution, you'll need to work with them directly to get that handled. With that said, here's our article which regards chargeback repayment options. I hope this helps!

Is this where we sign up for Gnomadins?
Auriel is actually a Diablo character but she does have a Spirit Healer skin in Heroes of the Storm as a tribute to the Spirit Healers in Alterac Valley since it is a Warcraft themed Battleground/event they're doing at the moment.

I wouldn't consider the Spirit Healers a race since they're referred to as angelic beings who reside in the spirit world.

Hi there! Try restarting your system in selective startup. Once you've done so, make sure that any security programs you may have installed aren't active (for the time being). Then, start the Blizzard app as admin. If the issue persists, view your task manager (ctrl+alt+del) > under 'processes' check for 'Blizzard Update Agent' > end that process > restart the Blizzard app.

Soon as you've confirmed that all is well you can go ahead and enable your security again.

Let me know how this goes, ty!

*5 year old necro is super effective*
*summons ox in response*
*ox locks the thread to let it finally rest in piece*
*blue trackers are confused*
06/18/2018 07:51 AMPosted by Woodspath I wish game developers would make a little more effort than they do to defend their customers against these types of stigmas and promote the fact that gaming isn't just some kind of poison that we let into our lives.

You won't see too much from developers officially because there actually is an organization who represents the industry that responds on issues like this called the Entertainment Software Association(ESA). I'm not remotely involved with that and solely work with World of Warcraft but just shedding some knowledge that there is a group that represents at least the "industry".

They issued a response this morning here if you'd like to read it.

"It is extremely important to note that the proposed draft circulating is not final and it is still under discussion and review. Experts worldwide are urging caution regarding the World Health Organization's proposed 'gaming disorder' as it may lead to misdiagnosis of real mental health conditions. It is concerning to see the 'gaming disorder' proposal in this draft despite significant opposition from the medical and scientific community. The research supporting inclusion is highly contested and inconclusive. There is no objective evidence to define and diagnose overuse and that may result in misdiagnosis. The WHO should consider the mounting evidence put before them before inclusion next year of 'gaming disorder' in the final version of ICD-11."
- Entertainment Software Association, June 18, 2018

Just for awareness these kinds of topics are a little off topic for the WoW forums so please try to discuss something like this in a constructive way.
Thanks guys on all of your responses here and your continued level of feedback you're giving us on these.

What's Next?
I'm gonna be going through and compiling all of this into data for the team like we normally do with topics on the forums. What's different is that having the feedback concentrated like this should help ensure the topic is properly covered.

I'm gonna lock this one now to preserve it. Like I mentioned before we're doing a series of these and the next one is Order Halls.

Where is X Topic?
There is probably a topic on our list that pertains to you so no worries! We plan on covering quite a few bases of playstyles overall within the game.
Ythisens commented on Blizzcon Host
Lets not do whatever this is turning into. Thanks.

Apologies for the delayed response! Let me know if you're still experiencing this after fully restarting your system. Ty

Thanks for the heads up! @ u/tgrepie please let me know if this isn't already resolved.

For general reference, here's our article regarding account security.

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Happy Tuesday! Cap on this one extended!

How bout that E3? :eyes:
Just to clear the confusion, there was a small segment in yesterday's E3 interview with IGN in which we weren't entirely clear - but we want to clarify that Blood Trolls are not currently planned as an Allied Race.

It can be easy to mix up words in interviews when you're covering a range of story points such as that of the Blood Trolls and their interactions with the Zandalari - but we just wanted to be sure we could get a note out on this before we get more Allied Race rumors flying around. ;)

Thanks for the discussion here!