Haha, in this case, you may be jumping to some conclusions.

I'm pretty weak of constitution and was super bummed one BlizzCon when I came down with a stomach bug at the show; I ended up missing half of Friday and even that was devastating. BlizzCon pretty singularly represents exactly what I stand for—a celebration of our community, so I'm doing everything I can to be healthy for the event. I got my flu shot yesterday and I'm cramming as much Vitamin C and hydration in as I can in preparation!

I love attending TwitchCon, but BlizzCon is my job as well as something I'm pretty passionate about; attending BlizzCon 2008 set me on the path to working at Blizzard, meeting so many of my guildmates, and even introducing me to the love of my life. I owe it both to myself and the attendees to give it my best. :)

Hey all!

I see there’s some confusion about the necessity of the Nintendo Switch Online service in relations to the upcoming Diablo III: Eternal Collection. To clarify, access to playing Seasons does not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, access to online multiplayer does.

This is identical to the way gameplay features function for the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Diablo III as well. Hope this makes the situation more clear!

Hey all, quick heads up: we're aware of this issue, and working on a hotfix which we're aiming to push out as soon as possible (aiming to push live within the next hour, though this may shift).

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Pretty sure I'll be there. ;)

Switch players will be able to participate in Season 15. :)

We (still) have additional plans for the future. We're certainly not done with this concept. :)

(As a side note, the buff for Season 15 was actually trickier to execute than it sounds; the last time we had a similar buff, bounty bags worked differently. Back-end work was required to update the functionality and will be coming in a small pre-Season patch).

Season of Greed was a trial run. Boon of the Horadrim is an evolution, and will welcome an entirely new audience to the concept of Seasons once Diablo III launches on Nintendo Switch on November 2. We're conscious of what impact that will have and we're still iterating on future ideas. While I can't make any promises just yet, we're listening closely to community feedback, evaluating where we'd like to take it, and seeing how we can push the envelope. It's a step-by-step process that we're handling with care.

It's an error; we're aware of the typo and it's in the process of being fixed.

Rest assured the release date is, in fact, November 2, 2018. :)

Nevalistis submitted Switch Co-Op

Each individual Switch participating requires its own copy of the game. /u/Drevs answer is spot-on. :)

You're thinking of Bashiok. :) I've always been a Death Maiden, as Reaper of Souls was announced just prior to my start on the Diablo Community Team.

Prior to that, when I was in Customer Support, I was a gray tabby cat on a broom.

Let's be fair - it's the cute ones you have to watch out for.

Just so that there's no further questioning: There have been no changes to mob density on the Switch.

The footage that you are seeing is a custom demo that is built for convention exclusive demonstrations.

This is correct. Specifically, Rathma and his followers (Necromancers) were some of the only organized groups to retain this information and guard it as a secret.

Sorry, can't resist lore conversations. :) Stoked about the comic myself!

The Nintendo Switch version is identical in almost every way to the PS4/Xbox One version of the Eternal Collection. The main differences are in Switch-specific features or exclusive content; the gameplay should otherwise be unchanged.

The gameplay shown here is of a convention-exclusive demo (based off of our BlizzCon 2017 demo) that we've also made available to press.

Just want to clarify - while it does show, mechanically, what the game can do, it's not a rift that will be available to play in the final version of the game.

Hey, sorry this happened for you. It seems this is primarily affecting console users. We're looking into the issue, although we don't have an ETA for a fix just yet.

I will update here once we do. Thanks so much for your patience in the meantime!

One of the goals for this video was to set expectations. There is clear (if carefully worded) messaging in here that, in the long run, I think will help with that.

That said, those who want to see what they want to see or speculate what they want to speculate? There's literally nothing anyone can do about that! It's always nice to dream, and I'm not going to tell anyone they aren't allowed to. :) I just hope this helps ground and frame those dreams a little bit.

Nevalistis submitted Thanks Brandy!

I'm happy to pass on the feedback. Thank you guys so much for the kind words and warm reception. This was a passion project for me, and I meant every word I said in that video. I hope it shows; from the community reaction, I think it has. :)

Most of all, I hope this reassures you that I truly mean it when I say, "I can't wait to tell you more." When we can, we will!

I'm taking this as a great compliment.

08/08/2018 12:36 PMPosted by homerjnick My Twitter feed has just exploded.

*watches as her phone slowly vibrates off her desk from notifications*

Yeah... Just a bit.

08/08/2018 01:04 PMPosted by Ruined Dear Nev, I'm super excited to see the upcoming themes. I hope you've taken look also on some fans' ideas:


We've been perusing. :)