I highly recommend not looking at solutions if you enjoy puzzles.

Dog is my hero.


Thanks for the entertainment :)

Jesse Hill commented on Auto-Squelch Discussion
You are free to comment on either side of this discusssion. However, if you cannot comment without being rude, snide, agressive or directly going after one another, your comment will be removed and you could be actioned.

I have stated this several times. There are some within this thread who have only posted in this fashion and it starts pages of arguments and direct attacks each time.

This was an open conversation and fights broke out. I cleaned that up and asked for psoters to keep it civil. It broke down again. Several times. I have now laid out some guidelines in order to maintain civility. If you do not wish to follow those guidelines, regardless of your stance on the subject, your post could be removed and depending on the extent (or repeated actions) of your post, actions may be applied.

Feel free to have a conversation, but attacks and aggressive behavior towards others will be removed.

Thank you.
Back up.

Edited the title so it isn't seen as spam.

Locking this.
08/15/2018 10:13 PMPosted by Swampy I am confused

Me too.

Looking into it.
I usually pump the breaks on these conversations because they turn into "OMG EVERYTHING IS BURNING THIS IS WHY TERRIBLE JUMP SHIP IT ALL IS GONNABLOW!#[email protected]##$%^&$%" type of comments being made. If we can keep things civil, I'm all for letting this stay though. So please everyone who wishes to discuss the topic, keep it cool.

08/15/2018 09:04 PMPosted by Lykotic Speaks to either the quality of Brode as a coworker/recruiter or the dysfunction/disloyalty inside Blizzard's ranks. The truth is usually somewhere inbetween.

If I may, I would like to offer another perspective. Just something from my own P.o.V.

First off - I can confirm the quality of Ben as a coworker.

Second, I hear people use the phrases "bailed", "jumped ship", "must be something going on", etc and it kind of makes me shake my head. While I understand that it can seem that way in some situations, I would maybe suggest entertaining the idea that there wasn't anything negative tied to this?

These guys have all worked together for a good while. When I joined Hearthstone QA, or "Pegasus" as it was known back then, over 6 years ago, these individuals were already working on the team together. They have been coworkers for some time now. It is fully just possible that, as Ben said in his "farewell" post, it is just a time in their life for something new and that something new is a shared vision they all have.

Change isn't always the sign of doom. :)
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08/15/2018 04:14 AMPosted by MadeInQuebec I got censor for telling how I feel about this subject and I was polite. Pointless to reply this topic trust me.

Incorrect. Your posts were removed for topics I covered several pages prior.

08/08/2018 06:46 PMPosted by Jesse Hill This is a place to leave feedback on the topic of Auto Squelch.

08/08/2018 06:46 PMPosted by Jesse Hill Stop making assumptions and accusations.

Please feel free to relay how you feel about a topic. However, please do so without making accusations towards the Dev team. Feedback is wanted, but please do not "soap box" or make claims as though they are facts.

08/14/2018 08:19 AMPosted by Right I'm tired of people demanding a QOL feature that is based on a manic and obsessive behavior that is usually unnecessary.

Then please feel free to move on from the conversation. It is fine to not agree, but please do not make it a point to post in a thread on a topic you are "tired of". Players have different ways in which they like to take in their entertainment. Another person not liking their preference does not make it wrong.

08/15/2018 12:22 PMPosted by Str8nobull To say we're still a vocal minority is so ignorant and biased to your own views

This works both ways. In this thread, there are a good amount of players who are voicing their feedback about wanting the option. And while there were enough threads popping up that I felt it necessary to make a primary thread, a good amount of the posts in those were the same people.

I'm not saying this to take away anything from the "pro AS" folks or otherwise. I am just pointing out that when you are in a specific area and everyone around you is saying things in agreeance to what you are saying, it is easy for that to become 100% of the world around you and it can make it hard to see other's opinions. This is why I have said consistently to only speak on your own behalf. There is always a piece of the picture you do not see.

08/15/2018 02:13 PMPosted by Str8nobull There's been plenty of discussion, but the against side haven't been able to come up with any good reasons

Many pages back there was someone saying "the for side hasn't been able to come up with a solid reason". If you are against/for something, this can easily be seen as the case on both sides. Please don't do this. If you disagree with other's reasoning, fine. However, they may be perfectly good reasons to them or someone else. This is the type of back and forth that snowballs and leads to many posts being removed. Feel free to share your opinion to provide a different perspective, but please do not comment on the validity of another's opinion.

08/15/2018 04:06 PMPosted by dukeskunk It is like emoting in solo mode, does anyone actually do that?

Many people do. Some of the solo mode content have special interactions/emotes that are used when a specific hero emotes towards a specific boss. Some folks enjoy that stuff.

08/15/2018 05:16 PMPosted by dukeskunk Has this been definitively stated by a CM somewhere that I missed? Because lacking that I have to take the term autosquelching at face value.

No. I believe the implied notion of this being in the options menu is related to the comment of why it has not been implemented from Ben Brode. I cannot speak for Dev on where any new toggles or features would be placed, but do feel the options menu is a solid and likely location.

One point I would like to bring up that I see has kind of fallen off is, one of the main points for requesting this feature was because of the mobile client. While squelching your opponent on a desk/laptop is an easy mouse click. Some found it frustrating and/or tedious to have to constantly tap, slide, click, etc. on their phones during play sessions.

The interaction I was most concerned with prior to release was Glinda+Mechwarper+Magnetic shenanigans, mostly because of the pure ridiculousness of it. We've stated this a bunch of times, but because Wild sees less directed card changes doesn't mean it's a lesser format. It's just harder for single archetypes to become dominant when there are 1000's of cards available to tech against any one strategy.

I think having strong neutral Taunts are generally pretty good for the game. They make minion combat more interesting and contribute in different ways to aggressive, control and combo decks. Sludge Belcher, Tar Creeper, Chain Gang, etc. That said, there is still a line of population and power level for these cards that shouldn't be crossed. We'll continue monitoring the data and perception around Giggling Inventor to make sure it doesn't cross that line, it's a little too early to tell.

The guys who did it say your welcome!

You can't play new decks ahead of time with Whizbang but I can confirm that he will give you decks from the most recent expansion once a new expansion releases.

8 isn't 7 Star aligner does count itself if it has 7 health.

08/08/2018 05:33 PMPosted by DuckOfDeath Don't make threads about deleted threads.

^ Usually this.

However, as you were looking to help another player with an answer and provided that answer, I'm just going to lock this, rather than delete it as I would normally do.

Thank you InfinityMin1 for following up to help a fellow player out. The effort is appreciated.

Jesse Hill commented on Auto-Squelch Discussion
Do not use this as a platform to directly argue and attack other posters. If you wish to turn threads into a 1v1 back and forth flame war, these forums are not for you.

Some of you wish to do nothing but fight. So much so, that some are fighting with others who agree with them on the topic!

I want to keep this channel open for those who wish to provide comments on the matter. So, in order to do so, we will be putting in some guidelines to assure we can do so.

  • This is a place to leave feedback on the topic of Auto Squelch. YOUR feedback. That is it.
  • Stop speaking for others. This includes using terms like "we", "players" and anything that expands beyond yourself. This is a feedback channel for you. If someone else wants to provide feedback, they can do so.
  • Stop making assumptions.
  • If you did not type it, stop trying to tell people what the post means.
  • Stop attacking how someone feels about something. We are all passionate about the things that matter to us. This isn't a bad thing.
  • Whether it is seen as a Quality of Life change, a minor to major annoyance or whatever reason you may or may not want a feature like this, that is your opinion and not something that should be attacked.

  • Stop making this about anything other than a game feature. That includes, but is not limited to, politics, life choices or otherwise. This is not the place for conversations on those topics.
  • Stop calling names. Seriously. Why this even has to be reminded is silly. This includes names that may not be against the Code of Conduct, but are still intended in a negative manner. Such as kid, troll, butthurt, snowflake, stupid, telling people "they have issues", or just anything at all along those lines. Just knock it off.
  • If your comment appears to be a threat, it will be treated as such.
  • If someone says something you disagree with, this is not trolling. It is okay to have varying opinions.
  • Stop calling out other posters.
  • Seriously, this is all stuff that should not have to be said. If you cannot remain civil, move along. If you do not agree with someone, feel free to post your opinion on the topic, but do so without attempting to attack that person. This includes snide and underhanded comments.

    If you are unable to remain decent while posting, posting privileges will be removed. If you see someone breaking these guidelines, do not call them out. Report them and ignore it otherwise. We will get to it. If you do report someone, there is zero need to tell them you have reported them. Just go about your business.
    Cleaning it up.

    Will return later.

    It shows up after 1 win, 3 wins and 7 wins and then never shows up again. It is mostly to teach people about the idea without being too annoying.


    As we always tend to get a bunch of these threads, to avoid multiple threads of the same topic, please keep these posts to the one thread that was started earlier. It can be found here:

    Thank you.

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