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As there seems to be a good deal of these popping up, I am consolidating posts over the recent balance announcements to the primary thread. Please feel free to post your feedback and comments here:

Thank you.

As there seems to be a good deal of these popping up, I am consolidating posts over the recent balance announcements to the primary thread. Please feel free to post your feedback and comments here:

Please remember to keep conversations civil.

Thank you.
10/15/2018 01:45 PMPosted by Phobetor Since discourse is already occurring primarily in the following topic, would you mind linking to it in your post if it can serve as the discussion thread :}

I am, of course, entirely fine with using this one if you believe it would be more suitable, as I'm sure everyone is!

Yup! Great suggestion. Will be consolidating posts very shortly here.

Greetings everyone!

My apologizes for handling this a bit later than intended. Consolidating posts to keep feedback centralized. Please feel free to post here:

If you see any other posts pop up, please feel free to direct them there as well or I’ll get to them as soon as I can.

Thanks everyone!

Correct! It should be fixed in a coming update.

Greetings everyone!

The balance change announcements have been announced. Starting up this thread for feedback discussion!

You can find the full announcement here:

Thanks all!
Cleaning up and consolidating threads around this conversation.

Please feel free to continue talks here:

Greetings everyone,

Recently we tweeted out about a couple balance changes that are on the way.
"We've been discussing a couple of card balance changes to make next week. We'll have more information to provide on October 15."

As these types of announcements tend to bring on a lot of speculation and discussion, I wanted to consolidate the several threads that have popped up and look to streamline the conversation and avoid multiple new threads. As well, I want to move away from some of the unnecessary comments being made in those threads. Reminder to please remain civil in your posts.

With that said, what do you all feel is going to change? What do you feel needs change? Based on those changes, what do you think will "rise to the top"? Are there any doorways that open once a certain change is made?

Interested to hear what you all think :)

You can have him reach out to CS to have the matter looked into, but he would not have been banned just for "stating statistics".

These types of posts go up all the time and numbers are constantly quoted. If there was an action issues, it was not due to that.

Hey it was a busy day and I had to run to a meeting, I'm sure you've had days like this! Luckily some good folks copypasted everything into one post as I probably should have. Thank you, good folks.

To be clear this was not my intention. It's extremely unlikely that when we were both individually looking at this data we snapshotted the same timeframe, rank, or pool of players. To have data mismatch to some degree is expected, it just made me want to follow up with our data folks sometime this week to make sure I didn't misunderstand something.

I responded to someone with thoughts on Twitter earlier, today is a bit of a hectic work day so re-posting that above in the interest of time. I enjoyed the article, cool stuff VS :).

I am glad you made a few comments explaining that polarized does not mean bad. Your article reads quite differently though. You should probably discuss the pros and cons of it so that players don't all jump on the zero polarity bandwagon.

A good version of this article talks about why it is good and why it is bad, objectively. I am sure if every deck was a midrange minion focused deck people would be complaining about how boring the meta is.

We are here and reading, I do appreciate the feedback, it's just unlikely we'll ever respond in the fashion you describe on a reddit thread. When the various projects we're working on are ready to be discussed publicly, they will be discussed through official Hearthstone channels where we can localize and send out the news to all regions simultaneously. Thanks for your post OP!


I don't want to have to close this down. I don't want to suspend anyone. Please, stop with the bickering.

Paf. Autosquelch. You two literally just argued with each other over something you both agreed on. You both said the same thing, just in different ways. You both have stated valid points to your side of the discussion. Please do not take away the validity of your posts by being seen as trolls.

If you feel someone has directed a statement at you, report it. Quoting it and continuing the argument does not help the situation, nor does it change anyone's views. This is advice for everyone posting.

Just, be better to each other. Zero need for the attacks.
Moving this over to Bug Report forums so QA can take a look at it to see what may be going on.
10/04/2018 12:24 PMPosted by Immortal When my wife asks why I bought a flamethrower, I'm blaming Jesse.


Tell her I said "sorry, but congratz on an awesome new way to bbq!"

Apologizes for that. Not sure what happened.

If you run into the matter again, or any matter concerning billing for that matter, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team. They will be able to help you out.