These come from one of our Tech artists, Paige Hicks!

Why does the Butcher hate fighting E.T.C. on Sky Temple? He prefers ground beef.

Why did Nazeebo quit his private practice? People never knew witch doctor they were seeing.

Why does Leoric get tutoring sessions from Nova? Because she did really well at Ghost Academy.

Hey everyone,

This hotfix addresses a crash that was introduced with yesterday's 38.2 release.

Doesn't have to be dark. I'm gonna just leave this here.

Heroic Deals: October 2 – October 9, 2018

Upcoming Hero Sales
  • Chromie— Sale Price: 375 gems
  • Greymane — Sale Price: 312 Gems

The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end:

Upcoming Featured Skins
  • Crimson Fel Queen Chromie
  • Thunder Star Princess Li-Ming
  • Admiral Krakenov
  • Spectre Goliath D.Va
  • Exiled Crypt King Tassadar
  • Deathbringer Sonya

Upcoming Featured Mounts
  • Zergling
  • Neutron Space Lord’s Starbreaker

Hey! This tooltip was worded this way because we were trying to imply that this Basic Attack damage boost is affected by the multipliers from Colossus Smash and Twin Blades.

I don't know exactly why, but I love this comment :)

Rest assured I will be using this in future meetings!

Antonio did an awesome job of creating something that we could jump off of and create a 3D model from. He is a very skilled artist.

As far as our process. Our concepts do need to be vetted through Leads and content stakeholders before they get to a modeler. The modeler then uses various techniques using programs like 3DS Max or Maya to create a Base mesh to run by our Tech art department. At this point it has no texture. They then rig the mesh so that it can run around in game. Our Animation department takes a look at it, gives feedback and if our Tech artists have anything else to say they also give feedback at this time. Once we resolve any tech, animation or proportional issues we move on to creating the final High poly model which is usually done in a program like Zbrush.

Our retopology is done manually. ZRemesher is an amazing tool and can get you part of the way there. I use it frequently in the process of creating a high poly mesh and creating clean and quick sculptable meshes. For Heroes we have found that there are a few tweaks to the mesh that just need a bit more love.

Substance designer is used but mainly to get a base texture. There's a lot of hand painting that goes into our final textures.

Great question!

Our next set of Heroic Deals will begin on Tuesday, September 18! Check out the list of upcoming featured items and Hero discounts below.

Upcoming Hero Sales
  • Anub’arak— Sale Price: 250 gems
  • Johanna — Sale Price: 250 Gems

The following skins and mounts will be added to the featured item rotation and will become purchasable with gems until this round of Heroic Deals comes to an end:

Upcoming Featured Skins
  • Arctic Enforcer Johanna
  • Anub’alisk
  • Showtime Azmodunk
  • Spectre Tracer
  • Zergy Pajamathur Abathur
  • Striped Pure Country E.T.C.
  • Shiroi Sakura Auriel

Upcoming Featured Mounts
  • Dark Nexus Hound
  • Dominion Cyber Ram

We've deployed an update that resolves healing and shielding values not properly updating at the end of each match. You'll need to restart your client in order to get the fix. Thanks for everyone's patience.

Hey all,

It's pretty late over here so we won't be able to get patch notes out tonight. Just to keep you up to date in the meantime, this patch fixes the issue which was causing the Stats Screen to incorrectly track certain values. That was also the reason why Whitemane's "Healing the Wounded" quest wasn't correctly updating so you should now be able to progress through that quest chain.

We've identified the issue that has caused healing to not be tracked at the ends of matches. QA and production are working hard to test the fix and distribute it when we are able. We'll message again once the fix is live.

I look at Reddit when I have a down moment. If there's something in the realm of art that is awesome I try to let people know that I think it's pretty sweet. Not much different than anyone else who browses this sub :) We are here... we are among you.

Love the style. Super fun!

You guys are killing it today!

This is something we're actively investigating. We'll update the community shortly.

I approve.

I mention this above but we're discussing this very idea. Clearly you are actually a super radish.

We're discussing getting rid of points actually and mapping MMR bands directly to a more granular rank system. That said, this is all early and we'd be interested in hearing your thoughts.