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Heard there’s no more cropping... Time to revel in Xyrella’s full glory! 💫

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QUILL OR BE QUILLED! 💥 Battlegrounds Brawl returns with 16 competitors, 4 teams, and a $100,000 prize pool with ho…

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✅ Practice mode is now back online, thanks for your patience!

BlizzardEntertainment submitted Announcing the Battlegrounds Brawl: Battle of the Boars! 17 hours ago

Who quill be the best boar in Hearthstone Battlegrounds?

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⚙️ We've temporarily disabled Practice mode to address an issue causing players to disconnect. We'll provide an upd…

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It's Quilboar madness at the Tavern! 🐗 Show us your best warband using the new minion type!

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@JackDonde A real bacon-ator 🥓✨

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@soyxtit All toys are good toys, but we feel the Quilboar love ✨

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@jiadee_ Acknowledging this unique talent 🔮✨

Kerfluffle-11372 submitted Patch 20.2 Known Issues 1 day ago

Hey everyone,

As is expected of any major patch, we’ve had some bugs pop up because of the most recent 20.2 update. We’re aware of the bugs below and hope to have a fix for each of them in or before our next major patch. We’re aware of:

  • An issue where borrowing decks while challenging a friend is not working.
  • An issue where Glaivebound Adept can be missing from the Collection.
  • An issue where the Tavern Regular achievement correctly tracks prior progress but incorrectly marks the achievement as claimed if you’re over the completion threshold.
  • An issue where the achievement for completing Book of Mercenaries: Rokara does not complete.
  • Display issues related to in-game shop pricing.
  • An issue where Battle-Ready Decks won’t open in the shop if Dame Hazelbark was opened first.
  • A Battlegrounds issue where Tough Tusk’s Divine Shield can persist after a player is defeated.
  • A Battlegrounds issue where Vol’jin’s Hero Power Spirit Swap can cause Goldgrubber’s stats to reset every turn.
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Watch France's finest clash in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds tournament. Will they go all in on Rag or run a greedy…

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⚔ Battle-Ready Decks have landed! ⚔ Add a combat-worthy deck from the class of your choice, optimized for the curr…

HS_Alec commented on Scrapped/Leaked(?) card found in Blizzard Press Kit 2 days ago

We were 1 card over leading up to the final weeks of Forged in the Barrens, this guy didn't make the cut. Tend to pull back on the "feel bad for attacking into this minion" styled cards, so it's harder for them to have a home. Cool art piece though, we'll probably use it in another game mode down the line!

If you are attempting to solve the mysteries hidden throughout the Barrens, you'll probably want to collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

The WoW Secret Hunting Discord community are very experienced at this sort of thing. Gather there.

(WoW is not required, and neither is a full card collection.)

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🐗 Happy Quilboar launch day! 🎉 Bob's got a challenge for you! Can you catch a Tier 6 minion from this roulette?



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May the Force of Nature be with you! 🍃

I genuinely don't know what they're alluding to. I just didn't want to feel left out.

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Here's to a fin-spiring week ahead! 🐸✨ #MondayMotivation

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RT @HSesports: 🏆 THE NEW CHAMP IS HERE! 🏆 He did it! First time at the top! Congratulations to the youngest Masters Tour Champion @gabyHS

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