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RT @Blizzard_Ent: 🎒 Backpacks 👕 Gear 💙 and More Explore:

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Uncover a new-look for your phone with these #SaviorsOfUldum wallpapers!

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Looking to figure out how to play against Control Warrior? Watch as @Firebat breaks it down in the #SaviorOfUldum E…

Two great tastes that taste great together.

I mean you can look at most of the brawls that we've only run once or haven't run in a long time. Especially brawls that are highly specific to a particular expansion.

I think there is a balance between pure random and allowing for player-choice to control that. I feel like Raven Idol hits that balance pretty well, but I do get that in a basic matchmaking queue it can make the games feel pretty long. Something I'll consider in the future, I still wouldn't say that one is soft-retired.

Time flies right? When I'm doing scheduling I usually look at how long it's been since we've run a particular brawl, how many constructed vs. how many random/pre-constructed we're running, how many new vs. how many repeats.

This one felt like a good sweet spot. Haven't seen it in a while, good mellow random brawl. And yeah is a good follow-up to Brawliseum, which I recognize serves a different audience than most Tavern Brawls.

I can say with some confidence that the Webspinners brawl has been soft-retired. I wouldn't promise never again but certainly not in the immediate future.

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RT @TeamTespa: The Hearthstone Collegiate Championships sits down and places $25,000 in scholarships and prizes on the board. What's your m…

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RT @TeamTespa: A new school year means a new roster of competitive leagues. 🙌 Party up with your classmates and compete for prizes, schola…

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The #TwitchRivals Hearthstone Arena Challenge is back. Watch as 36 streamers battle it out starting Tuesday, August…

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Looking to get the upper hand in Arena? Let @Educatedcollins show you how it's done in #SaviorsOfUldum! ⚔️…

I feel attacked.

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Awesome job, this is a very hard to do on Heroic!

We actually talk a lot about intrinsic rewards vs extrinsic rewards and they apply differently to different situations.

Here we decided that putting a reward of some object behind this incredibly hard task would probably cause people to grind it out even if they didn't enjoy it, just to get the reward. We prefer for tasks this hard to let people complete them because they enjoy the process (this is called an intrinsic reward).

We do put a reward behind beating each wing once because that is a much more attainable goal for most people.

Glad you enjoyed Heist so much, and I am sure you will like the new adventure we will start talking about in a week or two.

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RT @AppStoreGames: The League of Explorers is back to save the day! Saviors of Uldum is the newest expansion in @PlayHearthstone. Get 135…

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RT @HSesports: Mark your calendars, Masters Tour Seoul is this weekend! 🇰🇷 What you need to know:

Questions like this come up every couple weeks, they always come up in an AMA, and someone on the team answers in some fashion every time. We have features on our roadmap. We have ideas we are excited about, and we have content in development that is well beyond the idea phase. When that content is ready for the public eye it'll be released on our official channels, but rarely if ever will these things be announced on reddit in comment form.

As for our past and current content development pipeline, Hearthstone used to be a very small team focused on building a great core game experience. Over many years, that team built most of the base level interactions you see in the game today along with a pretty cool set a basic and classic cards. Over time, we greatly expanded the team in order to support the rapid 4-month cadence we release card expansions. We expanded a little to support Tavern Brawls and Events, then expanded even more to support a ton of single player mode experimentation that resulted in things like Dungeon Run, Puzzle Mode, and Dalaran Heist.

The truth is our game has a ton of development upkeep. It takes a small army of folks to support our 4-month expansion and single player pipeline. Just in the last year or so our team has grown to a point where we can support both those pipelines and get dreaming on what the future might hold. So we have been. We started working on a bunch of different things, we're just not quite ready to share what those things are.

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Watch as @F2K_Slysssa teaches you how to unlock the secrets of Malygos Druid in #SaviorsOfUldum! 🐲…

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That is exactly how it works :)

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