Sounds strange, but I really like nettle leaf tea. Tastes and smells like sweet grass.

BCrawford-21494 commented on Cocoon duration and health is too high 14 hours ago
Good morning Player, Good news is on its way - we have a couple changes to our Nerubian coming in the balance patch today
BlizzNeyman commented on [Request] Imperius Q cursor to middle/end 1 day ago

Oh it's definitely a stun first, for sure! When we were testing though, trying to figure out where you would land or if you could make it over a wall started to get really difficult until we changed it to the way it is now.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Who is the animator of Zul'jin? 1 day ago

The concept was done by Oscar Vega. The model was done by Jason Hasenauer and the Textures were done by Ted Park. Thanks for playing!

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Who is the animator of Zul'jin? 2 days ago

Actually... If I'm right I think the dance was done by Michael Cuevas. /u/BlizzKwevs

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Who is the animator of Zul'jin? 2 days ago

This is the correct answer! Careena is awesome! Base Zul'jin is still probably my favorite art package from model to animation in the game. Ted Park and Phill Gonzallez teamed up to do the model and texture.

Blizz_Daybringer commented on When will we see balance patch? 2 days ago

Hello everyone!

We are targeting the next balance patch for this coming Wednesday (5/22/19) - have a great day :)

Blizz_DWarner commented on What happened to the Tassadar rework? 2 days ago

This! There's still quite a bit of work left to do across many disciplines (art, design, sound, UI) before this rework is 100% ready to go live.

BlizzNeyman commented on [Request] Imperius Q cursor to middle/end 2 days ago

The cursor position decides where Imperius will land, which we think is important when trying to use the movement part of the ability. Think of it like a Zeratul blink with a stun attached to the end.

First off - incredible mug and amazing GF!

Secondly - Happy Birthday!!!


We knew that 'The Firelords' was going to be a BlizzCon reveal Hero more than a year away from that date. While development hadn't started on it earnestly, the concepts had. It was originally planned to be Ragnaros, but those concepts changed towards Majordomo Executus along the way. Since we were waffling on which direction to fully begin development, the Hero-Mod was named 'The Firelords' in order to be a catch-all for whatever we decided. In the end, Ragnaros was what came to fruition.


We go through months of internal testing before any Hero (or rework) is ready to (re)enter the Nexus.

As a fun fact, I believe Ragnaros went through over 3 extremely different design concepts (his internal Hero-Mod is still called Firelords), before he hit the Nexus in his current state!

To be a bit more specific - less than 100.

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON CHEN REWORK つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON CHEN REWORK つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

More than one.

つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON CHEN REWORK つ ◕_◕ ༽つ SUMMON CHEN REWORK つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

Huginncord commented on Available maps in vs AI mode 6 days ago

To answer your questions,

  • We don’t know what X is. It appears to be random. The faster and more often you get maps outside of your rotation, the fewer games it takes. It’s not a set number, as it depends on luck of the draw (apparently)
  • Are you in the fourth “category” Co-op vs AI solo, and over the course of many games in that “category” still falling into the same 4 maps, following the same or similar order?
Huginncord commented on Hotkeys changes out of nowhere 9 days ago

Hey jdelrio!

Sorry this happened to you! If you have a moment, I’d love to get some additional information about this problem to help us figure out what happened/

  1. What were you doing when you noticed the hotkey profiles changed?
  2. What settings are different between those two profiles?
  3. When creating the profiles, did you happen to save each profile individually or did you make changes to both before hitting “Apply”?
Blizz_Daybringer commented on Tassadar is not a healer! 12 days ago

Good evening Reddit friends!

This is a bug due to a data field that was missed when we did our role revamp. The fix is in and will be coming your way soon!

Blizz_PEwing commented on Heroes of the Storm Design AMA - May 9, 2019 12 days ago

Hello and thanks for bringing this up!

The team still believes that brawl mode should have AI padding enabled so that players are always able to earn the weekly rewards; however, we agree that it currently fills the game with AI too aggressively.

In the next balance patch we will be updating the matchmaker so that it waits 5 minutes (Instead of 2) before adding AI which should help.

Blizz_JeffB commented on Heroes of the Storm Design AMA - May 9, 2019 13 days ago

Hey Senshado!

I looked into this a bit today, and although Mal'ganis swaps percentages with his target, it isn't actually Percent Damage.

He applies a DoT to the higher health target and an HoT to the lower health target. The values for these are based on the percent difference, but they are still just regular damage/healing (the healing can be stopped by -healing for all you Ana mains who want to make a sick play).

So although the ability mentions percentages, it doesn't actually (and isn't intended to) fall under the percent damage rule, so it is affected by armor.

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