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I just wanted to point out that this is factually false, and is a bit of a disservice to the people who work hard on these heroes until their release.

Typically work isn't almost finished on a hero until a couple weeks before they come out to give QA time to finalize their work and for us to react to fix the bugs that they find. We're pretty much always working on them until they release, and even then the work never really ends since we update them indefinitely.

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Bonsai points.

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First off, watching the community do what they did yesterday was really fun for us to watch. We enjoyed it all.

Most skins that "don't make the cut" don't get past the ideation phase which means they don't make it to the concepting phase. Concepts that don't get made into models now still might be repurposed for another hero and/or made later down the line. We have a lot of ideas and a lot of those are varying degrees of good. Some are just obviously better than others. Some are more niche and are just as good for a select group of people. We almost never throw them away. It's more like nurturing and molding it until it works.

In the past we've shown concepts that we haven't made yet. We still might go back and do those skins someday even though people know about them. Sharing some of the ones in our bank is an option.

Concepts that come from the community are awesome and many concepts the community have come up with are frequently talked about in our skin pack meetings. One of the highest voted skins in one of the last community voted polls was C'thun Probius. Super cool idea. Slotting it in a skin pack is something we still would like to do. Know that we are talking about things like this often.

Prioritizing these things is also challenging. For example, do people want a community C'thun Probius skin or a Rag skin? What about an Arthas model rework vs a new hero like Manaroth, Lady Vashj or the hundreds of other characters that people want? Everyone is different and everyone wants something different from Heroes. We're here, we're listening and on a long enough timeline we'll get everything everyone wants.

Stay inside, stay safe, be healthy and wash your hands.

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Growing up The Legend of Zelda 2 was one of my favorite games. My brothers and I got to the final palace multiple times on different save files (because that game for whatever reason randomly lost its save data pretty often), but we could never beat the game because we would get lost and just couldn’t find our way to the final boss.

It wasn’t until many years later that we finally found the right route and beat the game.

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Congrats! Next you gotta get every hero to Level 15 for that sweet, sweet gold border :P

I'm still working on mine... not quite there yet.

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Well done! Congratz. :)

Don't give me credit for the work they did on this April 1st event, I am just a bystander (I checked internally to see if those snakes were real, in fact!)

I think the Reddit moderators set most of this up. As far as I know, the Heroes dev team wasn't involved.

"The light abandons no man" he muttered to himself as he took another slosh of Dwarven Stout. The cold damp of winter's night and an excess of booze had ravaged his breathing and his spirits.

"Then I must be no man..."

And he slipped into the Eternal Vanguard...

*sad jazz plays*

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Good evening friends!

A lot of great ideas in here, thank you! As designers, we love to read posts like this as it helps spark our creativity and lead to some really amazing ideas and changes - keep it up!

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Generally what people already said in the thread is the most useful advice - pick heroes that have multiple forms of CC that interrupt his Dark Conversion. The idea is that you can use one of your CC’s to still engage and do your job, and save the secondary one specifically for Dark Conversion. Also you’ll have a good tell of when he wants to use it since he will always want to when he’s at low Health, so you usually have a generous window to look for it if you constantly keep it in mind.

Some heroes that are great to interrupt it:

ETC - his Q and W are fast and easily able to knock him out of his channel

Johanna - Her W and Blessed Shield can be used for an interrupt. Her trait can also be used to try to survive if he gets the ult off on her. This is a little more risky/takes more skill as her W is the main form of an interrupt so you have to pre-emptively cast it as he’s getting low.

Diablo - He has his Q and E to interrupt it quickly. He also has various talents that can reduce the cooldowns of these abilities to ensure that you have one of them available when you need it.

AZJackson commented on Xul counters my beautiful hots community ? :3 3 days ago

Sonya is a strong response to Xul.

A lot of her damage comes from her Abilities, so she is resistant to his W attack speed Slow compared to other Heroes.

She has an early game talent that negates his Root.

Whirlwind’s healing greatly benefits from having more targets, so his skeletons help her in teamfights.

Huginncord commented on Xul lvl 20 upgrade bugged too? 4 days ago

Hey there Demongrand!

The problem here is the duration being updated on the tooltip. It is intended that the ability deal more damage. We don’t usually update tooltips when talents are taken, so I could see the confusion in the math since the duration is increasing!

I’ll take a look into that! Thanks for the report!

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Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that it seems to be spiking still - the team has been looking into it and are working towards getting it resolved; thank you for the continued reporting.

Blizz_Daybringer commented on A lot of people started lagging today? 7 days ago

Hello friends,

It looks like we had some technical difficulties with a load balancer during the specified times. I have confirmation that it has since been fixed - thank you for the reports!

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Good morning Reddit friends,

We are looking to have our next AMA soon! A lot of dates have been fluctuating a bit due to the current state of the world, but we have a tentative schedule that we will share as soon as it solidifies.

Have a wonderful Friday :)

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Agreed, I find that it's more about having access to your kitchen. I have a rule that I don't allow snacks at my desk. Also drink only water throughout the day.

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If anything, my skeleton is accruing extra meat lately. Boredom snacking is reaaaaaal.

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I'd also like to add that we have meat on our skeletons still. At least for another day. Stay safe out there, stay inside if you can and wash your hands.

Blizz_DWarner commented on It might be a bad idea to "hype up" Vashj as the next Hero. 8 days ago

I've seen a lot of casual daydreaming and "what ifs" being taken as absolute truth lately. Remember that literally anyone can be writing these posts, and the odds of some forum rando having the exclusive inside scoop on our work is extremely low.

Our writers have been thinking up fun voice lines for *potential* hero interactions for years now. It's not necessarily an indication of anything but the future proofing process.



P.S. The next new Hero isn't Vashj and there's no hidden cryptic messages anywhere in this post :P

Hey there BlackDragon160,

If you haven't already, I recommend posting about this over on our Technical Support Forums so our people over there can try and help diagnose the issue.

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