Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Would love baked potato mounts 5 days ago

"Root"ing I see what you did there. I say the Potato mount will make everyone best spuds.

KaeoMilker commented on Would love baked potato mounts 5 days ago

Let the record show that I am rooting for the potato mount.

It is re-simulated every time, which is why you still see ragdolling in replays.

It just isn't guaranteed to be the same every time. That is what is meant by non-deterministic!

Huginncord commented on Missing loot chests! 5 days ago
Hey there! Completing Daily Quests award gold and not Loot Chests.
Blizz_JeffB commented on Surprised by joy! 5 days ago

I had the same experience with Fenix in our playtests! He became my main on release. Thanks Bridget!

I also normally don't like multi-control heroes at all, but Misha really clicked with me when I first played her. The combination of how easy she is to control and how useful and fun her disruption is make her a surprise favorite of mine.


Abathur was set up before we had the solution we are using for Ana and she does it infrequently enough that the added network traffic isn't too much of a concern. Sync'ing the Abathur player's mouse position for 90% of the game would not be desirable.

Huginncord commented on Receive 2 loots, only 1 appears 5 days ago


This is currently a known issue with the Loot Chest popup that shows after games. You are only supposed to receive one Loot Chest, but the popup is saying you get more.

More information available on this post here


Huginncord submitted Loot Chests rewards displaying the incorrect amount 5 days ago

Hey everyone!

We’ve gotten a lot of reports regarding Loot Chests and I wanted to take a moment to respond here. We are currently aware of a display issue that is causing the Loot Chest popup to show that you were granted more chests than you were supposed to receive. It is important to note - you are not missing a Loot Chest, this is purely a display issue and does not impact the total number of Loot Chests you receive.

Since we introduced Loot Chests and our new Progression system in Heroes 2.0, leveling up a Hero will grant different types of Loot Chests with increasing rarity depending on your player level. For each level hit, players will earn 1 Common Loot Chest, every 5 levels will then grant a Rare Loot Chest, and every 25 levels will finally unlock an Epic Loot Chest. For every 10 levels you earn for a specific Hero you will earn a Hero Specific Loot Chest for that Hero. With the exception of Special Events, Hero Specific Chests are one of the only ways to get more than 1 Loot Chest per level.

With the information above, if you are seeing the wrong type of chest awarded, or a Hero Specific Chest not being granted, this would be a different issue than the display issue mentioned above. Please make a post on our Forums and we can investigate these reports further. Before posting please make sure to provide the following information:

  1. Make sure to check the Loot tab. If you have more than three types of Loot Chests, use the arrows to turn the carousel and confirm the chest is missing.
  2. Please include the Account Level, the Hero you leveled, and what level the Hero got.

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi u/Tr0user!

It isn't that we remove them, they just never exist in the replay at all! Physics is simulated on your machine (asynchronously and not guaranteed to be deterministic), not shared and verified over the network like your input, position, and other things are.
So, it is not only possible for physics to be different in a replay, but on your teammate's clients during the same game!

We typically don't synchronize this type of thing because it doesn't have an effect on the game and would incur a bandwidth cost, potentially increasing lag and disconnects/catchup moments, depending on connection quality.

One interesting counter example is Ana's Ultimate, Eye of Horus. We synchronize your mouse position so that other players can accurately show Ana facing the correct direction while she is kneeling to take aim, even though all that matters from a gameplay perspective is when she actually pulls the trigger.

BCrawford-21494 commented on Feedback Thread for Hero Reworks 5 days ago

Hey there rcw-2543,

I was personally the design-point on Whitemane’s incoming rework, so you can blame me for anything you dislike =)

The main goal for the rework was to reevaluate her Trait and Mana-interactions, with the primary focus on either streamlining or removing her Level 4 talents. This, of course, causes ripples throughout her entire Talent Tree, and a lot of additional changes had to be made. While I can’t give any super-detailed spoilers, I will say that her aggressive Searing Lash build is still there (and improved), and will be joined by some other aggression-based Basic Attack talents.

BCrawford-21494 commented on Probably an unpopular opinion 5 days ago

Good morning Ayeziza,

Piggy-backing on what Adam said - I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion, but creating asymmetrical balance between 86 Heroes is very delicate work (and has been finely tuned now for over 5 years).

We do our best to keep the vast majority of Heroe’s win-rates between 45% and 55% (currently 79/86 or ~92% of the Hero roster sits in these bounds). This is data from Diamond+ Storm League players and gets even tighter when we look at the whole population, including Quick Match.

There is a huge amount of risk with shifting the current balance of Heroes upwards, but there is a sweet-spot that we can hit where a Hero can feel OP but actually be well-balanced. We are doing our best to find the current outliers that don’t have those moments and make design or balance changes to help find them =)

Blizz_DWarner commented on When is D.Va's rework happening? 5 days ago

Unfortunately, we don't have a date to share with you all yet. While the design side of D.Va's rework might be winding down, there's still art/sound/UI and other miscellaneous work that has to be addressed before we're ready to get this into your hands. We will let you all know as soon as we can :)

BlizzShelby commented on Do we need decay if we have 50 victories requirement? 5 days ago

Hi there!

The main reason we added a stricter decay was to keep Storm League as competitive as possible for all players -- Especially at the higher level. While decay can feel aggressive when multiple days/weeks of decay set in, we did not want players to bank the highest ranks for the whole Season without having to maintain those ranks. We believe this is healthier and more fair for everyone.

As for your suggestion of removing decay at 50 wins, this is a solid idea and we can look into this if decay becomes a problem. I hope this helps. :)

Hey u/L0gicalPhallus,

This is not intended functionality and we cant reproduce it internally. We could use your help! Any additional info you could provide directly to me would be greatly appreciated. Additionally if you could send us your replay that would be awesome. Follow the instructions here.


BlizzKGu commented on I have no idea how to get better at this game 5 days ago

There are some really great suggestions in this thread :)

This is awesome! Great work!

Crypt is such a great game, thanks for making this.

Blizz_Shane commented on Why choose when you can have both ! 5 days ago

Super odd issue here u/iFrozenUser my gut is actually what u/Spazzo965 called out.

We would love to see a replay and try to get to the bottom of this. Can you follow the instructions here. Thanks for calling this out!

Huginncord commented on Quest chests being deleted 6 days ago

Correct that we do have Daily Quests in the game, but Daily Quests do not award Loot Chests on completion, they award Gold.

Leveling up a Hero in the game will always level your Player Level, because your Player Level is a sum total of your Hero Levels. Your Player Level dictates the rarity of the Loot Chest you get from leveling up a Hero. Every 5 levels that chest will be Rare, and every 25 levels that chest will be Epic.

This is how the system has worked since we introduced it with Heroes 2.0, the bug showing that you are getting 2 chests is a display bug, that is causing confusion based upon the functionality that has always existed.

We apologize for the confusion, but you are not missing any chests. Thanks for the report!


Blizz_KinaBREW commented on When I’m not playing HotS, I’m at the gym... 7 days ago

This is the only way to pick stuff up and put it back down.

Blizz_KinaBREW commented on Developer AMA from August 8, 2019 - Roundup (Text + Video) 9 days ago

Tried it this morning and it worked too. Thanks for making my life better. However my wife is unconvinced that this made my life better.

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