Torelef-1910 commented on Inability to load unitweapons.slk in custom games 10 days ago
Thank you for the report!
Torelef-1910 commented on Windows 10 issues (crash) 11 days ago
That’s the one! These reports will help us investigate the root cause.
Torelef-1910 commented on Murloc Flesheater 12 days ago
Thanks for the report!
Torelef-1910 commented on Windows 10 issues (crash) 12 days ago
For those of you getting start on load up crashes and are not running Windows 8.1. Please provide your error UUID so we can take a look. This should pop-up when you crash. Thank you!
Torelef-1910 commented on Game doesn't open post patch 13 days ago
Thank you for all the reports. I’ve added this to the known issues list.
Torelef-1910 commented on Please help 13 days ago
Hey Ender, Thanks for the report. I’ve added this to the known issues list.
Torelef-1910 commented on Player can use water as standard terrain 18 days ago
I actually saw your other thread about it as well, Dusk. And so you guys know, that indeed seems to be how you can get into this state. Thanks so much for the info everyone! You guys are awesome <3
Torelef-1910 commented on Player can use water as standard terrain 18 days ago
Uhh, how? hahah. I’ve tried just playing games and right clicking onto water/over terrain that i shouldnt be able to walk over and that does not work. There must be something else going on here. If anyone has any more info that would be awesome!
Torelef-1910 commented on List of Night elf visual bugs 19 days ago
  • Entangled gold mine - visual bug -> looks like it is always full of wisps even when empty
  • bear form of Druid - > Shrinks when going in to bear form
  • Auto-cast of Druid of talon for faerie fire is hardly visible
  • rejuvination -> Animation is barely visible, HoT looks like priest heal as opposed to distinct visual effect
  • Farie Dragon cocoon form -> does not get the same visual effect as in original, just normal Dragon form but shriveled in to ball
  • Chimera -> projectile for corossive breath appears to come from a bit of a distance infront of the chimera as opposed to the chimera itself
  • Moon well - they look like they are always full, even when they have no mana. If i recall correctly, the moon juice disappears visually in original, does not do so in here.

Thanks for the report! While all these are not on the Known Issues List (some are) they are actually all known issues for us!

Hope you guys are enjoying Night Elf so far!

Torelef-1910 commented on Stuttering 19 days ago

I had the same issues as mentioned above when playing.

For me, it seem not to be related to the hardware performance. It’s more likely when new assets like sounds, graphics, etc. are loaded for the first time (and not only affecting your own created assets, but when ever a player creates a new units, new sound, the stutter will affect everyone).

It is at least my perception.

This makes sense as that’s currently a known issue, the first time assets are loaded it can cause the game to take a hit in performance. With that being said, we have noticed a drop in performance with AMD graphics cards in particular as well, so if any of you guys are running AMD its likely a side affect of that as well.

I’d appreciate some DXDiags as well though, please send to [email protected]. Our compatibility team is dope and in case there are some new issues buried away in here i’d like to surface them

Thanks for all the info so far guys, continue to keep this thread active, im monitoring it pretty closely.

  • Torelef
classic-1411 submitted Beta Notes 19 days ago

Ishnu’ aHowdy Friends,

After 10,000 minutes since our last patch (give or take…), Illidan and friends have broken out of Barrow Dev and are ready to take their rightful place amongst the great races of Azeroth.


  • Night Elves now playable
  • Night Elf and Random added as queue options



  • More improvements to chat experience/functionality
  • Custom lobbies and games
Torelef-1910 commented on Stuttering 19 days ago
Is there any pattern you guys are noticing? Like it’s happening when a building is first being built, or when you start fighting your opponent?
Torelef-1910 commented on Old models and graphics in game 19 days ago

Try opening “C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Warcraft III Beta\War3Preferences.txt” in notepad then scroll down to “hd=0” and change it to “hd=1”.

This is a solid work around. The other option would be to outright delete your War3Preferences.txt and then relaunching. If neither of those fix the issues you guys are having let me know.

Torelef-1910 commented on Undead crypt fiend projectiles 19 days ago
Thanks guys! Have no fear, the attacks to indeed deal damage, and this is a known issue! Thanks for the report
Torelef-1910 commented on Stuttering 19 days ago
If you guys don’t mind me asking, what OS are you running?
Torelef-1910 commented on Lost user control while playing 20 days ago

After clicking in the console (the units icons), I cannot use F1 or F2 nor select control groups (1-9) anymore. The keys don’t do anything. I have to select a unit manually to then be able to use the hotkeys again. Happens with both race, any time during a game. Could block other hotkeys as well such as spells, not sure yet.

Does this sound familiar? It hasn’t happened to me in awhile but maybe same issue, different fix.

This issue specifically was clicking “dead space” in the place where your unit icons would appear would cause your keyboard to lose focus of the game. That’s why hotkeys would stop working, that has been fixed though!

Torelef-1910 commented on Lost user control while playing 20 days ago

You guys rock!! With what you provided we were able to identify a cause to this issue. As a work around I heavily recommend not alt tabbing out once you’re in queue. I’m going to be updating the known issues list today with this issue to hopefully prevent further issues. Thanks a ton everyone ! <3

Torelef-1910 commented on Very Poor GPU Utilization w/ AMD 20 days ago

Thanks again guys! I’ll be updating the known issues list with this issue later today. The info you’ve provided has already proven to be very helpful! Feel free to continue to send in DXdiags if you want, but its not super necessary at this point

Hey Eddie,

I saw your post on the other thread. While i don’t respond to every thread, i actually do read almost every thread on here. What you will usually see me respond to are issues that we need more info or data on to help the Dev team identify the root cause of the issue.

So just know even if i am not responding, i am reading

Thanks for the report Eddie!

Torelef-1910 commented on Lost user control while playing 21 days ago

Hmmmm. Alright guys! Thanks you gave me at least SOME info to go off of

If it does happen again, would you guys mind pinging the thread with as much info as you can provide?

Thanks guys!

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