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@thelordofdarkn3 Heya :) You can buy game time here https://t.co/gEym9155jJ and it wouldn't be a recurring payment :)

Hi All,

I just wanted to chime in and provide a bit of context around this issue, and an update on our plans for it.

The current behavior of the Improved Weapon Totems talent actually does match 1.12 and the reference client, and this talent behaved in this way for its entire existence during original World of Warcraft. It was, however, recorded as a bug shortly after it was introduced late in 2006 and was fixed very early in Burning Crusade. Since this is a clear bug that was fixed relatively quickly in the original game, we do currently have plans to fix this (as well as several other issues that were similarly bugged in original WoW but were clearly incorrect behavior) in an update coming in the near future.

Hang in there, enhancement shamans!

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@R_Peel_Mousey_ Hey Richard, accounts can't be discussed over Twitter but if you submitted a ticket we will reply as quickly as we can

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Wild Spirits dealing damage AoE damage multiple times from a single button press (rapid fire, volley, barrage, etc) is not intended, a hotfix will be sent for this.
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@DragonflyDFG These look great :)

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Well, earthquake can still do 500% damage instead of 250% on the tooltip, which I believe is a BUG of the earthquake legendary, is it gonna be fixed? Earthquake is doing 10k dmg per unit!

Yes, this is a bug that has yet to be fixed.

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Primordial wave with the pvp talent (Control of Lava) are causing instances like this to happen in arena. Now that primordial wave is instant cast, you can expect this to be happening more often.


With the build going up today, this shouldn’t be possible anymore.

The legendary item “Deeply Rooted Elements” can no longer activate from “bonus” lava bursts from either activating Ascendance, or from using the Primordial Wave covenant ability. In the build that’s going live today, you actually have to press Lava Burst to potentially proc Ascendance, or get extra casts from Primordial wave.

If that is not the case, please reply here with info on what abilities are interacting with each other to cause a whole lot of Lava Bursts to happen instantly.

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@ShadowPriestArt Oh, the good people of Revendreth are going to love this one.

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@JulieColibri 😱 Can't wait to see the finished product!

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@wawtman #Shadowlands always needs more Demon Hunters... ⚔️😈

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With updates coming soon to the Shadowlands Beta, we’re updating the Venthyr ability for rogues. It will now be called Flagellation (was previously Slaughter).

Flagellation is an instant cast with a 25 second cooldown that starts once Flagellation is removed from the target. The rogue lashes the target with Anima 3 times, dealing Shadow damage and applying a debuff for 45 seconds that causes an additional lash for each Combo Point you spend. Once the target has been lashed at least 25 times, reactivating Flagellation cleanses their torment and increases your Mastery by 10% for 25 seconds.

We’re looking forward to your feedback on this, once you’ve had a chance to test it out!

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Recently, we changed Fae Guardians to apply to your selected target on cast, to help address some usability problems. In this most recent Shadowlands build, there is now also a conduit available that allows you to replicate additional Faeries onto your party. This redesigned conduit is aimed at addressing the feedback (particularly from Discipline and Holy Priests) that it feels punishing to cast healing spells while the Faeries are active.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve also added some notable changes to the Shadow priest.

In some situations, the Priest may want to spend Insanity by casting two Devouring Plagues on the same target in a short time. This can cause a situation where damage in the DoT can be wasted. To address this, we’ve made a change where subsequent Devouring Plagues will cause its damage over time effect to add into the existing DoT. Players may notice how this functionality is similar to the Mage Ignite mechanic.

We’re also introducing a new talent to replace Legacy of the Void: Hungering Void. The intent with this talent similar to Legacy of the Void – to be ideal in situations where the Priest focuses on a single target.

Additionally, we’re changing Void Torrent to apply Devouring Plague when cast, rather than refreshing the existing Devouring Plague on the target.

We really appreciate your thoughts and feedback – and thank you for testing!

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The Kyrian Covenant ability Resonating Arrow has received several changes in this week’s Shadowlands update. The radius has been increased, which should make it easier to use against targets who are near the pillars in maps such as Nagrand Arena. Additionally, when a target leaves the Resonating Arrow area, the effect that allows you to ignore line of sight towards them will last for an additional 4 seconds.

Flayed Shot has had a minor update that makes the bonus Kill Shot no longer cost any Focus, so it can be used more freely.

We’ve implemented many bug fixes to Death Chakram, and it will no longer chain to targets that are under crowd control effects that break upon taking damage.

The design of Wild Spirits has been simplified quite a bit. Now, when you cast the ability, all targets in the area now take some immediate Nature damage. Any ability you use, including Kill Command, will now cause up to 5 targets in the area to take extra Nature damage. This extra Nature damage will ignore targets that are currently affected by crowd control effects that break upon taking damage. There is no longer any difference in behavior when using single target versus area damage with this ability.

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Hello! We have some updates in this week’s Shadowlands build.

Chain Harvest will now ignore targets that are under crowd control effects that break upon taking damage for the portion of it that deals damage to enemies.

Fae Transfusion has had the number of targets it heals reduced from 8 to 4 to match the number of targets to which the ability deals damage. The damage done by Fae Tranfusion will now be evenly split to, up to 4 targets, and Enhancement Shaman specifically will receive a stack of Maelstrom Weapon for fully channeling the ability.

Primordial Wave has been changed to be an instant cast ability, which should make the ability much easier to use in all situations, and has received a number of bug fixes.

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