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Read up on the latest developments coming to Warcraft. 🔥: https://t.co/hMRiIrCi30 https://t.co/nIYvgaDkW5

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Catch up on all of the latest World of Warcraft news, hotfixes, and more in our update.

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RT @JulieColibri: WIP Enchanted Dreamlight Runestag 🌠 I feel better now and I'm back to work! I made the horns. Yey! 😁 #wip #workinprogress

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Hello! Here’s the hotfix update for the day.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2021


  • Warlock
    • Demonic Circle can no longer be placed with the Kilrogg’s Cunning conduit while Eye of Kilrogg is off the ground.
  • Warrior
    • Arms
      • Fixed an issue causing Warbreaker (Talent) to not apply the Colossus Smash debuff to enemies if it was used while the Warrior was Disarmed.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sanctum of Domination
    • Sylvanas Windrunner
      • [With realm restarts] Optimized game performance at the initialization of the first two phases of the encounter.
        • Developers’ note: Thanks to community reports, we discovered a way to optimize the processes that caused performance drops at the beginning of the fight and at the beginning of the second phase of the fight (the bridge scene).
      • Fixed an issue where Mistweaver Monks could be preferentially targeted by Wailing Arrow in Stage 3.
      • Fixed an issue where both Tank-specialized players could be targeted with the same Black Arrow cast.
      • Fixed an issue where Dark Sentinels could cast Rage on targets struck by a very recent Black Arrow.
  • Theater of Pain
    • [With realm restarts] The Mythic+ completion timer has been increased to 38 minutes (was 37 minutes).
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Not tomorrow, wednesday.

This is correct. All of the Phase 2 content is set to go live at 3:00 p.m. PDT / 5:00 p.m. CDT / 6:00 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, September 15. That’s 6:00 a.m. AWST / 8:00 a.m. AEST / 10:00 a.m. NZST on Thursday, September 16.

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Ogri'la, the Promised Land. #BurningCrusade https://t.co/pPaSVCU33z

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The Sha'tari Skyguard are the very definition of air superiority. #BurningCrusade https://t.co/iNrjLBOkCC

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RT @NargaLifestream: Selama Ahal’Anore. 🌞🔥 Backstage pictures from the recent photoshoot of my new Blood Elf cosplay.🩸🧝‍♀️ Inspired by @G

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Please be reminded that all of Arena Points will be converted to Honor during the next weekly reset (on Tuesday September 14 in this region). The conversion rate will be 1 Arena Point = 10 Honor Points, up to the cap of 75000 Honor Points.

Additionally, Arena gear that is purchased just before the weekly reset will not be refundable for Arena Points after the reset.

Thank you!

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Once a naaru palace, now the stronghold of the Sun King. #BurningCrusade https://t.co/xatRaRBqH4

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Hello everyone!

We hope that you’re enjoying the new customization options that are now available on the 9.1.5 PTR for Nightborne, Lightforged Draenei, and Void Elves. We’re loving all the screenshots of the new looks that have been shared so far and we appreciate all your feedback.

We want to add some more excitement to your day. Remember when we said that we’ve set our sights on Highmountain Tauren next? Well… those new customization options for Highmountain Tauren are currently targeted to be implemented in time for 9.1.5! Here’s a sneak peek at some of those options.

New Highmountain Tauren Customization Options

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Hello everyone! Here are the notes for this week’s PTR build.


  • Death Knight
    • Blood
      • Consumption (Talent) now deals 60% more damage.
  • Monk
    • Brewmaster
      • Special Delivery (Talent) now deals 100% more damage.
  • Paladin
    • Vanquisher’s Hammer (Necrolord Ability) now increases the effectiveness of the free Holy Power spender by 25%.
  • Rogue
    • Outlaw
      • Dreadblades (Talent) initial strike deals 26% more damage and now immediately fills your Combo Points in addition to its current effects.
  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • Nether Portal (Talent) cooldown reduced to 2.5 minutes (was 3 minutes).
  • Warrior
    • Impending Victory (Talent) cooldown reduced to 25 seconds (was 30 seconds) and now heals for 40% of your max health (was 30%).


  • Sanctums
    • Redeemed Souls
      • Rescuing Souls within Torghast, Tower of the Damned now earn credit for “Return Lost Souls.”
    • Venthyr: Ember Court
      • Players can now use their influence with guests to help their friends or alternate characters.
        • Once you’ve completed the Best Friend quest for a Guest, that Guest will offer a quest inside your Ember Court scenario to all other players who visit.
        • These “Friend of a Friend” quests unlock a permanent 30% increase to friendship gains with that Guest, so invite a player or two to your next Ember Court and start the introductions to help them make friends faster.
        • Alternate characters on your account will also be offered these quests inside their own Ember Court scenario. Word travels quickly around the court!
      • Temel now sells a new favor item: The Party Herald’s Party Hat.
        • This Bind-on-Account item can be sent to alternate characters, and permanently increases reputation gains with the Ember Court by 30% for any character that uses it.
        • This item also gives Temel a new, fancier party hat and gives you an option to ask Temel to put the hat on you inside the scenario.
      • You will now receive a confirmation prompt when you queue for the scenario if one of your current Guests has not RSVPed (and therefore would not attend if you start the scenario).

Items and Rewards

  • Increased the drop rate of Shards of Domination.
  • Significantly increased the amount of Soul Cinders awarded from Layers 8 – 12, Maw Assaults, Tormentors of Torghast, and Command Table missions.
  • Players who reach 80 Renown can purchase a Broker Mark of Distinction for 500 gold in Oribos that can be used on an alternate character to instantly grant the character up to Renown 40. Cannot be used above 40 Renown.
  • Players can now purchase versions of Korthian Armaments that create a piece of gear for specific slots.
  • Acquirer Ta’gosh in the Hall of Curiosities now sells a Gateway Control Shard that lets you activate the nearest Demonic Gateway.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Repeatedly completing Wings now awards the full amount of Soul Ash (up from 20% after the first clear).
  • Repeatedly completing Wings now awards the full amount of Soul Cinders (up from none after the first clear).

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Group Finder Improvements
    • Group creators are now able to browse listings.
  • The size of the cursor can now be increased in the Accessibility menu.
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Whoever controls the water... controls Outland. #BurningCrusade https://t.co/OASu8rdfJj

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Hello everyone! Here are today’s hotfixes:



  • Conduit Energy now refills at a rate of 10 per day (was 1 per day).
    • Developers’ note: We are entirely removing Conduit Energy as a system in the upcoming 9.1.5 patch, but in the meantime, we wanted to hotfix in a stopgap measure that should effectively remove it as a meaningful constraint.

Items and Rewards

  • The Trueheart Spear debuff can no longer be applied more than once on a target.
Kaivax commented on Conduit Energy Hotfixed 11 days ago


It’s confirmed that a hotfix was deployed that made Conduit energy refill at the rate of 10 per day. It was previously 1 per day.

It looks like the hotfix needed realm restarts to take effect, so now that all realms in this region have been restarted with maintenance, everyone should be seeing the results.

Please note that the tooltip has not been updated. Nonetheless, all Conduit energy should refill each day with the daily reset.

Updated the original post. The Arena season will end at 10:00 p.m. PDT (1:00 a.m. EDT).
Linxy commented on PTR 9.1.5 Development Notes 16 days ago

More PTR notes updates:

User Interface and Accessibility

  • Group Finder Improvements
    • PvP Rating will now display when browsing for Rated PvP entries and in the applicant window.
  • Summon Random Favorite Mounts will now summon a random mount if no mounts are favorited.
  • Added a flying mount filter in the Mount Collection.
  • New Transmogrifier cursor icon.
  • New default backpack bag icon.
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Dive into all the updates coming with 9.1.5. Now on the PTR. #Shadowlands 🔥 https://t.co/LZXyJrSveD https://t.co/xW8eCWwHf8

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