We've updated our hotfixes blog post with the latest, including a fix to several flight paths, quest fixes, and a lowering of the Heart of Azeroth level required to activate the outer ring of Azerite armor obtained from World Quests and Mythic dungeons:
I thought the team was coming a little out of their shell on World Quest design with those.

I mean, I saved some turtles and helped them get into the ocean. FeelsGoodMan.
I will do that quest. every. single. time.
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08/17/2018 05:46 PMPosted by Elechan I vote we get buffed

I mean I'm not gonna object... >.>

It could be we're fine and its just a gearing thing though. Its still the first few days so never know.
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Currently I think we might be a little too strong. At 333 ilvl I'm able to hold 15k+ on some fights and I'm leaving everyone in the dust. However it could be the difference in my groups weapons that's causing it to be a little exaggerated, I've got a 340 ilvl 2 hander and once I picked that up I haven't been touched.

Again its nothing new, its the beginning of the expansion and only the first week. We're likely to see some tweaks here and there before we get to Uldir.
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No problem! Hopefully I remember to continually update it >.>
08/17/2018 02:21 PMPosted by Vealyn I'm about to hit 120 today and I'm curious if leaving war mode on gives any benefits (extra rep or WQs)?

Extra rewards, supply drops, and targets... lots and lots of targets.

I don't know if there's a Horde version, but the Alliance gets to exact 'Rodrigo's Revenge' on unsuspecting pirates.

I would be remiss if I did not thank Vrakthis for employing his speciality in helping me to identify said quest.

When we've seen this happen before it was because the user's system clock was off. Make sure yours is correct and let me know how things go. Ty!

When you unlock Battle for Azeroth world quests, your Flight Master's Whistle gains the ability to work in the new lands. if you didn’t play Legion or destroyed your whistle, you will receive a Flight Master’s Whistle that works in Legion and Battle for Azeroth zones.

I posted about this issue requested more information Here. Please take a moment and add the requested information to that thread to help us narrow down this problem.

Possibly related to the recent hotfix that went out and was reverted. I'll pass this along. ty

The link I posted above is the specific channel through which you could send in a ticket to us so that we can check the account out.

08/16/2018 01:58 PMPosted by Saarthronah The inherent issue with Azerite gear as a whole is the fact that you are trading secondary stats for 2 traits and some main stats, that to me isn't a good trade off if every single azerite piece had say haste/verst as an example with 2 traits and the main stats they have now then they would be a worth while trade out.

But as it currently stands the one azerite piece is actually hindering me due to the lack of secondary stats which as a whole has made me weaker.

Edit: Oh and the current set of trinkets I've seen thus far suck.

These are some of the concerns I have but I'm hopeful. Getting into the higher pieces some of the procs are definitely providing some firepower and unique buffs, however they are passive procs/abilities or modifiers to existing abilities. I think when you're hitting some of the dungeon pieces it starts being more impactful over the secondary stats. At least that's my feel on it so far. I haven't jumped down the sim rabbit hole with them yet.

Yeah there is an abundance of on use trinkets and the actual proc trinkets seem pretty scarce but that feels a little similar to the beginning of Legion to me. Luckily there is plenty of opportunity to replace those before Uldir and M+ opens up. I'm after that Rezan's Gleaming Eye at the moment and I'll probably buy the Darkmoon deck in a day or two once the price lowers a bit.
08/16/2018 01:50 PMPosted by Pogoo Looks like people aren't sinking their gold with that dinosaur mount.

I saw a post on Twitter earlier where a guild spent 35 Million gold on 7 of them for their members.

Attention Arms Warriors: we’re working on some significant tuning for Mastery: Deep Wounds that will be coming to the game very soon --

If the boost was the one included with the expansion, did you purchase the expansion digitally? If so, was the purchase made within the last 24 hours?

I recommend sending a ticket in here so we can take a look at the account, ty!

In case you haven't already done so, I'd recommend reviewing the related troubleshooting info that we offer here. If you find that the issue persists thereafter, our tech specialists can work with you directly via the contact options which are available through this page.

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08/16/2018 04:22 AMPosted by Johnnyhurt Sorry but 2 hour que times are unacceptable. when are you bringing out the hotfix?

We're working on a hotfix now that will automatically respec anyone who can tank or heal into those specs. If you're a Monk, Paladin, or Druid we're just going to spin a wheel and see where you land. This should drastically reduce the DPS queue time so that its an instant queue.

In case it wasn't clear this was very sarcastic :) Queue times are fine! Just a lack of tank and heals because they're probably with static groups, also lots of people are still leveling. Even queuing solo DPS for heroics my queue time max has been actually 30 mins but estimated says around an hour. (It's just an estimation)

You said weapons won't titanforge. Why did you go back on this?

They won't, from BfA content. Legion weapons are different since they're competing with artifact relics that have always been able to Titanforge. The other exception is the weekly M+ cache, which isn't random, but rather a guaranteed upgrade.