The cat pictures get me every time.

@ u/Nietto A ticket has been escalated for the accounts similarly affected. It's my assumption that your account is also noted there, but I'd like to make sure. I'm out for the night, but if you can PM me your BattleTag or a recent ticket ID# I'll confirm, then follow up with you as soon as I can. Ty!

Ythisens commented on Heroic Uldir 380+
Asking 380 for Heroic seems a little silly. I mean I'm not even 380 yet and I'm in Mythic.

Could be just a troll. I think 350-360 is fair when you're asking for heroic. Anything else might be too low unless its a group of like AoTC folks.
Ythisens commented on BlizzCon Floor Map
A lot. The Anaheim Convention Center is one of the biggest in the world I think.

10/15/2018 02:52 PMPosted by Yanmei 25,000-27,000 based on past blizzcon and other events in the anaheim convention center

It can definitely hold more than that. Last year we said we had what 35k?

Also we're only like 18 days away. I feel like if BlizzCon was a class it would definitely be a rogue, cause it sure does feel like it sneaks up on you.
Ythisens commented on Subs discussion
10/15/2018 02:12 PMPosted by HalĂ´ You know that subway sell 1.7 millions subs in one year? That's almost half of what they use to make.

Pretty sure Subway sells way more subs that that. Sounds like you might have gotten some inaccurate sub based data based on extrapolation that doesn't hold up.
DNS problems tend to result in being unable to connect to things, rather than lag while connected to things. What're you experiencing Raves? Same deal if you want us to take a look - if you grab a WinMTR we can peek and see what we can find.

What have you tried to troubleshoot this on your end? Can you provide a WinMTR test which catches the problems you're seeing?
Ythisens commented on WoW Subscribers
10/12/2018 01:56 PMPosted by Easybreezy im actually kind of sad to see this reply as it just feels inline with everything going on lately. shrug of the shoulders and oh well, btw we are making azurite more complicated, have a nice day!!. in this answer all I see is more of the same our way or the highway attitude from blizz. its disappointing.

10/12/2018 02:09 PMPosted by Tadpo Just gotta say, despite saying you don't want to diminish or invalidate criticism, you do just that.

Sorry if that was the feeling at all as like I said I don't aim to do that by any means.

Even though we all know how GD can get, we by no means use that to dismiss any present feelings or overall concerns. We recognize everyone is coming from a good place when they raise a concern and every forum post does have a point. Sometimes the point is a little silly or we disagree with it, but that doesn't make it any less valid from that perspective of that player (even if they use McNuggets to explain it). Internally though we share a lot of the concerns you guys have, and conversations happen daily around them as well. We discuss what actually causes this problem and how to solve it. That includes fixing something if we feel it does need to be fixed.
10/12/2018 01:50 PMPosted by Uglydeluxe You can like watching the world first competition without being influenced by it as a developer.


We love that the community rallies around World Firsts as this is a community created thing that became so popular, but when he says that we don't care about it he's just saying that we don't design with it in mind. It's a very niche thing as well as a niche type of player. We're talking about a less than .1% of players that even set foot inside the current raid tier at Mythic level that would even be competing for these World Firsts.

Like Ion said in the Q&A we design encounters in the way that we feel would be the best experience. We might be wrong sometimes but that's the goal and we try to hit that.
Ythisens commented on Orc Puns
What do you call a band comprised only of Orcs?

An Orchestra.
Ythisens commented on Literally
This thread is literally a waste of internet.
Ythisens commented on WoW Subscribers
10/11/2018 08:24 PMPosted by Cryptdust Yeah, it was. Before this it was about flying and gated allied races.

Then before that it was Legendaries in Legion, etc. The list goes on for each expansion. I remember seeing people on the forums claiming that the 1.6 patch was going to kill the game because it allowed players to queue for BGs at the Battlemasters in capital cities and thus they were unsubbing, this was 13 years ago.

I don't want to diminish or invalidate anyone's criticism with this post but yes, GD has always been like this and always will.

Join us on the Tides of Vengeance PTR tomorrow to help test the new Darkshore Warfront in our latest Play with the Blues!

Details here:
Not everyone uses the forums. Forums are a very small percentage of any user base, even WoW.

There are some folks that use say Twitter for instance that refuse to come here, but still play the game. There are even folks submitting questions on Facebook that don't like either Twitter or the forums. Just like some players on the forums dislike Twitter, there are folks who have the opposite opinion.

Ohh quit with the regurgitated "Not everyone uses the Forums" line.
People play the game and "refuse" to use the official forums? Sounds like a personal problem "They" need to get over.

Twitter is not even third party, they are their own party.

You by far are the worst at understanding best business practices. You sound like a newly hired TSR.

You may not like it but I'm being honest with you. Forums are not the most popular destination when it comes to where the game is discussed. I think forums are the best place given that a poster's ability to craft better posts is vastly superior here, but If your customers are largely in another place is it a good business practice to be where they are as well or ignore that they're in another place too? There is only one right answer to that question if you're looking at it from a business perspective.

Why do you think we also read other fan sites and third party sites like Reddit, Twitter, and Discord? Players are there. It's a simple fact and reasoning.
10/11/2018 01:50 PMPosted by Kargyraa The difference Yth is that the people who make the effort to come to the forums to submit questions/complaints/etc. are the ones who feel strongly enough to make that effort in the first place.

Then that implies that you're saying the questions on say Twitter should be less valued when they're just as much of a player as you are. They could go through the same effort to write a tweet. I get the sentiment that on the forums you're able to articulate your statement/question better, however if you can't boil it down to a simpler question then your question is gonna have a hard time getting into the Q&A. Question cards can only be so long unfortunately >.>

10/11/2018 01:50 PMPosted by Drajilough Back in the day we had [email protected] to provide feedback about GM/CMs or even being able to email to a supervisor directly to its personal blizzard e-mail.

That still exists and is right here in the thread titled "Welcome - Please Read!":
09/28/2018 11:46 AMPosted by Ythisens What if I would like to submit feedback on posts from Blizzard employees but not post on the forums as call outs are against the rules?
If you have any sort of issue or feedback about a Blizzard employee's posts then you can submit that via email at [email protected].

10/11/2018 01:55 PMPosted by Gorthraw Did the OP consider that maybe they got an even higher number of questions from Twitter or other social media platforms?

We actually do get more questions on sites like Twitter than on the forums as in pure volume. I wouldn't say the quality is better, but there is quite a bit more there.

10/11/2018 01:53 PMPosted by Cryptdust No one should have to put up with that under any circumstance, it is enough to drive a person to the brink of insanity.

I cope by not letting the turtles make it to the water.

10/11/2018 02:42 PMPosted by Kirela There's a sticky that also has Twitter updates pasted in it as well lol.

What's funny is that post exists because we're aware folks on the forums dislike Twitter.

For those that haven't seen it yet, I try to maintain a thread where I post updates on the forums that are said from Warcraftdevs on Twitter. You can check that out here:

Also if you have suggestions on how to improve that please let me know. I try to grab them when I can but sometimes I do miss them (speaking of which I just noticed I need to repost some things there). I've been throwing up hotfixes as well in there since folks requested that.
10/11/2018 01:21 PMPosted by Espur My job is partly in customer service, so similar to Ythisens.

I'm not in Customer Service.

I think there are valid things to criticize us for and in fact I support and encourage that, however it's pretty silly when someone makes a post about something that is stickied on the same page they had to visit to make their post. The same sticky that is there before every single Q&A since we've had a Q&A.

I wasn't being snarky at all. It was more of a "come on now -.-".
10/11/2018 01:15 PMPosted by Ryzos I saw that but why take any questions from Twitter then?

Not everyone uses the forums. Forums are a very small percentage of any user base, even WoW.

There are some folks that use say Twitter for instance that refuse to come here, but still play the game. There are even folks submitting questions on Facebook that don't like either Twitter or the forums. Just like some players on the forums dislike Twitter, there are folks who have the opposite opinion.
There's literally a sticky at the top of the forums where we asked you to submit questions for the Q&A.

We're making two small changes to how the Azerite Armor rewards from Emissary quests scale, based on player feedback:

Glad to see things are better!