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The website will be the new go to location for patch notes hitting live servers. The PTR patch notes will continue to be posted on the PTR Feedback forums for reference.

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Hmm, any info on the Polish flag that was removed?

Our EU legal team made us remove it.

JeffreyKaplan commented on Hammond balance ideas

But then you’re forced out of ball to use the sheild, and it doesn’t flow well.

Maybe if hammond isn’t grappling, let him stay in ball form?

It’s a good suggestion but we like to ensure that there are trade-offs for heroes. Wrecking Ball needs to prioritize mitigation vs. mobility.

JeffreyKaplan commented on Hammond balance ideas
Our intention was that Hammond would use Adaptive Shield in these situations.
JeffreyKaplan commented on Why not 4v4 in Lucioball
When we were creating the mode we tried a lot of different team sizes and field sizes… we settled on 3v3 because it felt the most fun and skillful to us.
We try to include as many flags as we legally can. If we had it our way, every nation’s flag would be in the game.

That setting is not available on a PS4. In the system software, go to Sound and Screen and then make the appropriate adjustments in Display Area Settings.

If the change isn't reflected in Overwatch then try restarting it.

In the past week, Attackers win 42.88%. We always try to balance toward a 50/50 win rate. We have some minor tweaks we can make to bring the map more in line. We were looking at it late last week and early this week. While it’s not perfect, it’s also not hugely out of line.
JeffreyKaplan commented on Ctf should be in comp
We talk frequently about adding new modes to the game and competitive play. As much as we love CTF, we really don’t think it’s suited for the game outside of the Arcade.
mchu commented on Reworks and Lore

Definitely open to making references to gameplay mechanic changes in the story, but it really depends on the example. I still believe that Hanzo’s carrying that scatter arrow around in his quiver though!

Small anecdote: when we reworked Bastion to include a passive damage resistance skill, I named the skill “Ironclad” to hint at Bastion’s (at the time unreleased) encounter with Torbjörn in the comic, Binary, as he’d be the one responsible for giving Bastion its new defenses!

TomPowers commented on 1.27 Hotfix Update

Curious, does this also include a fix to being able to purchase the OWL “dance party” Lucio emote?

Hi Lee,

You can find more insight on that subject in this post.

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Hey everyone,

We apologize for this inconvenience. This Legendary Lúcio emote was intended to be available only for players who had purchased the Overwatch League All Access Pass on Twitch. It will be available for purchase with Overwatch League tokens at a future date.

If you purchased tokens with the intent to unlock this Legendary Lúcio emote and would like those tokens refunded, please reach out to Blizzard Customer Support.

Thank you for your patience.

TomPowers submitted 1.27 Hotfix Update

Hi everyone,

We recently pushed out an update that fixes a bug preventing users from earning their Summer Games 2018 Player Icons upon logging in. In addition to that fix, we have implemented a fix for a bug that caused players to be incorrectly banned from Copa Lúcioball.

If you encounter any additional bugs, please report them here.

Thank you for your patience.

Europe all fixed up now, sorry for that. Have a great weekend, cheers!

Hey everyone we had a brief problem with login for Europe that’s now resolved, sorry for that. Have a great weekend!

Hey folks looking at this now.

edit Europe all fixed up now, sorry for that. Have a great weekend, cheers!

Hey there we’re aware of this bug and we’re working on a fix. Apologies for the hassle. In the mean time the work around suggested in this thread is a good suggestion.


Denis commented on PS4 Voice Chat Bug
Hey everybody, sorry for this issue. Basically the patch turned up your mic volume to max. I’ve added it to the top of our known issues list, and as mentioned here, we recommend turning down the in-game voice volume to 60 or lower to compensate.
Definitely a bug, we’ll look into getting it fixed!