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Good morning, heroes! Going to take some time to answer some of your questions posted throughout the night since my last visit. A few quick things to follow up on:

  • We ask that you confirm your accounts in-game, just already having your accounts linked is not confirmation. This is important to make sure you can start playing Overwatch 2 with all of your collected items on all platforms right away when we launch.
  • The red “ACCOUNT CHANGED” message below your name in the account merge prompt is not an issue. As long as it appears with the name of your respective console account, you are good to go. If you are uncertain, just visit to reverify your current console accounts linked to your BattleNet account.
  • If for any reason you can no longer access your console version of Overwatch because you no longer have the console or have an expired online access subscription. You should still be able to link your console account to your desired BattleNet account at and then be able to log onto the PC version, or any console version you have access to, and confirm your account merge for all platforms in the “Account Merge” menu option.
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Basically, whatever console account is linked to the BattleNet account you confirmed, everything on that console account up to launch of Overwatch 2 is rolled into your BattleNet account when the new game launches.
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I don’t need to physically confirm anything else through the in-game client(s)?

You do want to confirm in-game, because that tells us yeah those are the accounts and we are good to go.

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You can verify all of your account connections and link them from
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I guess people who lost their consoles have no hope anymore.

No, they are still good to confirm. They need to make sure they are linked at and then confirm when logging onto the PC version of Overwatch.

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It’s okay, crossplay is not really changing from what we know of it now. Cross-Progression is the big news that came out yesterday and you can get all of the details here:

Overwatch Cross-progression is coming to Overwatch 2: Account merge FAQ

Your data on your and console accounts will be merged for Overwatch 2!

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Console players will still have their own console pool rank separated from that of PC players (not to mention console players cannot play in the Competitive PC pool anyways).

You get to keep all of it, PC, Xbox, and Switch and will all be access from the same BattleNet account once Overwatch 2 launches.

What players cannot do is merge multiple console accounts from the same console platform. So say if you have two PlayStation accounts, you must pick one of those two PlayStation accounts to link and merge with the BattleNet account of your choice.

Hey everyone. Thanks for all of the questions, and I hope I was able to clarify a lot as we all get closer to Overwatch 2. I have to step away for now as there are many more things I am working on, but I will continue to check in for your questions and feedback.


My console account has been linked for a while, As long as my accounts are linked in CONNECTIONS part of the account settings I’m good or are there more steps.

There will be a prompt in-game when you log in the next time to confirm you have the correct accounts you want to merge. Clicking confirm will lock the accounts you currently have linked in place.


I’m not sure if I saw anything about it but what will come of duplicates upon merge?

You simply have that item, and no compensation or extra credits are issued from having the same item across multiple platforms before merging.


I believe that I heard the entire portrait/ level system is being removed in overwatch 2, am I wrong?

Correct. Details can be found in this r/Games AMA response from our system designer.

We do still plan to remove portrait levels for OW2, but we also want to celebrate this legacy accomplishment. The plan is to display your portrait level in your profile once we launch OW2.

Learn more:


What about duplicate golden guns? I have Tracer’s golden guns on PC and Xbox. Will I get a refund for one so I can buy another or is that duplicate effort just wasted?

Like all duplicate cosmetics, there is no compensation for having two of the exact same item.


When I was merging accounts in overwatch it gave me account changed underneath my Xbox name, does this mean anything? and can i merge without worrying?

You should be fine. Again just check your accounts you have linked to BattleNet at


How will levels be handled when accounts are merged?

The highest XP level will be pushed through


wait so if i start playing on switch after ow2 launches i wont be able to carry over my items on pc to it?

To clarify, if you are already on a platform and then sign into a new platform under the same BattleNet account, you will access the items from that BattleNet on the new platform.

What you won’t be able to do is link a totally separate BattleNet account to another BattleNet account even if each account is on a different platform.

Yes, you should be prompted on PC as long as you already linked your PlayStation account. You can link online at

Craig you are going to be working overtime, good luck!

I will put in as much time as I have available. That being said, I will need to pull away here soon.

You should be good to go then.
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