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What role you got at Blizzard during pre launch before we got to know you later on as CM?


I’ve only joined the team/Blizz around 6 months ago. I was fortunate enough to have a good friend on the team who invited me to one of our internal friends and family tests before announce/beta. My first experience with Overwatch was watching my kids sitting next to Metzen’s kids, loving every minute.

I’ve been a fan of the game ever since.

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Since before launch here
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Feels like the three creators didn’t coordinate on what level of ridiculous they wanted to go with

This is a fair bit of critique and is something I’m happy to take accountability for. We’ve been discussing themes internally, and will do so with the next group of creators we work with.

This first iteration has been a great proof of concept. We’re going to continue to improve and iterate on these, and other community events, as we go.

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Some of the changes are pretty good though, like the ult charge rate buff for Lucio, is there a chance at least some of the changes will go through to live?

I already have a note to poke Geoff and Co. (Hero Balance and Design) this week to ask if we’re entertaining the thought. I’ll let you know if I can share what we discuss.

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Look, I know I said this about the Halloween skins but…

The Winter Wonderland skins this year are straight fire. Both Jodie and I were fairly stoked when we first saw them

Can’t wait for you all to get your mittens on em!

Now excuse me while I flee the forums after teasing you all

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Did you tell the creators that?

Oh they knew

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listen I don’t know about you but I think this skin is long overdue. I geniuenly cannot believe this isn’t an actual skin. she’s a bloody horse for Christ sake. I don’t main Orisa but I want this to be a skin.

The Santa hat wasn’t enough?


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While I understand your intent, there’s a fine line between wanting folks to provide nuanced and informed feedback and actively gatekeeping it. Also, just so we’re on the same page: the current ExCard is not meant to be “serious”, at least as it relates to balance.
Hiya folks, We have disabled the Gibraltar map in the Quick Play, Competitive, and Experimental game modes while we investigate an issue. At this time we do not have an ETR. I’ll update this thread when we have additional information.
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Hiya folks, Earlier this evening we released a hotfix addressing this issue. Apologies for anyone who had a negative experience due to it, and thank you for your reports.
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Hiya folks, We just released a hotfix addressing this issue. Apologies for anyone who had a negative experience due to this bug.

i think its worth noting that reddit and youtube audiences seem to have taken the news astronomically better than forums

The forums are always much more critical of us than the broader community. This likely has to do with the profile of player who tends to be more engaged on a platform like fora (hyper engaged, core fans), whereas the other platforms tend to be a bit less serious in nature.


I think it’s genuinely just a timing thing. If we were getting semi-frequent balance updates, and like, the low end of acceptable content for a live-service game from a “AAA” developer (we’re far below that), I don’t think we would have even a fraction of the complaints.

I get it.

The community team goals include hosting regular, consistent, community events. It’s a bit too early to wave the flag of success (we’ll be measuring overall impact in an internal retro), but early indicators about this ExC have been positive, with a significant amount of feedback from creators and core players alike feel that it’s a welcome update that makes the game feel more vibrant than it has in awhile.

We’re going to continue to push forward with community events, without significantly impacting dev work.


Yeah but I don’t get to have my own experimental dedicated to me for the entire playerbase to see.

I won’t hide the fact that we have a different kind of relationship with content creators that we have with the forums. Both Jodie and I spend an equal amount of time managing relationships with current and former OW content creators as I (and soon Jodie) do here on the forums (oftentimes more here, depending on the week).

Each part of the community has different needs, and those needs are addressed in different ways. When it comes to creators, we treat and view them as valued partners in community building. They’re player advocates (to a surprising degree), community evangelists, and some of our most stringent critics. In some cases, their platform is significantly larger than the average player. In the case of the vast majority of creators, they have less notoriety and recognition within our community than you, HANA (I’ve quoted, responded to, and interacted with you more than once in the last few months, something that the majority of creators don’t have the same opportunity for).

On a personal level, I’d love to see a world where the forums understand that Twitch, Youtube, whatever social platform, are all a part of the broader OW community. I believe you all have much more in common than otherwise.


Please focus on fixing the game instead of trying to please few who doesn’t even represent the community,

We’re continuing to communicate feedback to the development team about game balance and the live service.

I do understand where your frustration comes from. We’re going to continue to explore ways to keep the live game fresh and vibrant, while having minimal impact on the work that T4 is doing towards the future of Overwatch. Experimental Cards are a great tool to introduce variety and different twists on the game in a relatively low risk manner.

Content Creators are players of the game. The easiest thing to do is to lump them all together as some ubiquitous entity but that does a disservice to the individuals who dedicate a large portion of their lives, and in many cases livelihoods, to their audience and the OW community. Their reasons for creating content, and their motivations when playing Overwatch are as varied as all of yours.

I do understand that some folks here on the forums have a negative perception of this segment of the community, so I respectfully ask that you try to avoid vast generalizations when speaking about these individuals.

Hiya folks, We have temporarily disabled Numbani in the Quick Play and Competitive game modes while we investigate an issue. We will provide an update here once we have an ETA on re-enabling the map.

Just a suggestion: get a fourth creator involved and have them take half the damage roster. Looks like all of the damage roster didn’t get touched this time, probably due to its size.

Already under consideration for the next one.

Thanks for the suggestion

The ExCard is live once again!
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Yeet ✅ More Tumbleweeds? ✅ Flying Pigs? ✅ These are just a few highlights from the new…


Is there an ETA on when this Exc will come out?

It officially released @ 11 AM PST today, however we had a bug that necessitated us pulling it down temporarily. I’ll update ASAP when we have more news.

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