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Earlier this month six brilliant community artists remade our Overwatch Lunar New Year skins into these stunning cr…

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None of the Overwatch heroes seem very waterproof though, do they…

Bastion is definitely waterproof enough to exist/walk along the seafloor though (the result of which is seen in the “Binary” comic).

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RT @Hasbro: #Overwatch fans can now take the battle to the Monopoly game board with the new Monopoly Gamer Overwatch Collector’s Edition! A…

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mchu commented on Why was sombras ultimate line changed? 1 day ago

The “medianoche” or midnight that Sombra refers to in that voiceline is actually the name given to the period of time in Mexico after the omnic crisis. The war had ravaged the country energy grid and infrastructure, and most of it was plunged in the darkness without powers for several years, hence the name midnight, and why Sombra used this quote in development since she uses EMP. It’s also why the energy company LumériCo plays such a big role in Mexico, since the basically rebuilt the country.

“Volvamos a la Medianoche” was a bit too long and a moutful, which is probably why they didn’t use it, which is a shame because I really like it. I like her referencing lore event, and it ties in into her “down with the man”, neutral chaotic attitude.

You pretty much hit it. When we were testing the two lines, we felt that “Apagando las luces” worked a little better as an ult line compared to the other. Would have loved to keep the story reference in, but ultimately (groan) it lives on as a voice line.

mchu commented on Is Hammond a scientist or engineer? 1 day ago
Hammond didn’t create the AI that’s in the mech, and the mech’s AI is really pretty simple compared to most of the other ones we’ve seen in Overwatch so far.
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@Tasali We're glad you dig it.

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🌎 Initiating: RECALL ✅ Wave 1 Agents: ACTIVATED 📂 Intel Brief: Starting today, add these n…

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Rialto balance stats for the past month: 49.35% Attackers, 50.65% Defenders
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RT @overwatchleague: We are LIVE! #OWL2019 @TorontoDefiant vs. @Outlaws. Who's gonna get the win?! Watch on ht…

JeffreyKaplan commented on Apex Legends Ping system in Overwatch 2 days ago

Respawn did such a good job with the Ping System in Apex Legends. It works really well.

Back in early development of Overwatch, we actually had a very similar ping system. Ours was inspired from MOBA’s like League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm.

We eventually removed it because of a few issues.

  1. With 6 people on the team, it got very spammy if more than a few people were using it
  2. The geography of Overwatch maps as well as the engagement distances is fairly constrained. This made pinging upwards challenging and often frustrating. An example is standing at the gate of point A of Temple of Anubis and trying to ping the upper ledge above the gate entering point B. Our engagement distances tend to be in the 10-30 meter range (for perspective it’s about 45 meters all the way across the entire dojo in Hanamura B). In Apex, you have very long engagement distances and very big maps… it makes it easier to ping below you

It would be fun to revisit the system and see if we could make something like that workable. We do have some designs for improvements and customization to the communication wheel that we’re trying to get in. But we’re always appreciative of feedback and suggestions.

JeffreyKaplan commented on Genji's pick rate in a tank meta proves he's OP 2 days ago
We don’t currently perceive Genji to be a balance problem.

When the pros play Overwatch at the Blizzard Arena, it looks just like it does for you and me at home. They don’t see the team coloring of the HUD or the Visual FX. They don’t even see the team uniforms. It’s the spectator functionality and the broadcast that makes the game look that way.

You can use some color blind settings to adjust the way things look for you at home, but it’s not quite like the OWL view.

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